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The Anger You Feel When Your Friends Say NO To Your Party Plans

Date: 2018-10-08 17:09:56

By Mansha


Our friends are experts in canceling the meeting at the end time. Is this happens with only me? Or your friends are too irritating and annoying? If yes, then this article is definitely for you and your friends.

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They will make plans to meet as if they are the only ones who are excited to meet and party then at the last moment, they will have the shittiest excuses to make like, "mom is saying no to go out this late", "stomach upset hai", "dad has taken the car, now I have no car to drive" or the worst one is "mom dad going out for dinner with friends and there is no one at home to take care of the house". They are really annoying and when they cancel the plans you just feel to slap them so hard or sometimes I feel to surprise them in their house and beat them with my shoes. Right guys?


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These we are talking about the weekly outing, which is still tolerable, but wait, when it comes to special occasions like birthdays, bhai-behen ki shaadi or whatever. Suddenly they would be bombarded my loads of work and they will be busy that day to come or worst suddenly they have to travel out for some work. (inko saare kaam tabhi yaad aate hai) they are useless at times but what to do you are stuck with them and you can't do anything about that. Love is what that comes in between or otherwise, they could have been killed (I would love to give their "supari" but love is what comes in between). Or worst on these special occasions, they will get some serious disease and the most common is "food poisoning". Friends when we say not to have too much to eat then you don't listen to us and then on these special days, you end up having this food poisoning. What exactly your problem is? I think you have a problem with meeting us, right? All because of this, then we started giving you prior a month notice for any occasion but still, god knows how? One of you will have food poisoning for sure. How you all do that, do you all plan ki "agli baar kisko hoga". You are damn irritating my brothers and sisters.



Okay, now the next step after saying no for coming would be making amends and asking for our forgiveness. That too you can't do properly like, you will start laughing in between and that irritates us even more (you really have to stop doing that) or you will ask for photos or videos later (bro we know you are least interested so stop acting as if you are really missing it because we know you have lazy ass).


Apart from all of this we still love our friends because they are what make our life joyful and colorful otherwise our life has no masala in it. Right guys? But still, I want to slap you...


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