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Here's Why Ranveer Singh Outfits Are Way Ahead Of His Time.

Date: 2020-08-04 17:38:10

By Manveen

How often do you see men not feeling attacked for being fashionable?

Men in India are criticized for liking grooming sessions, beauty, or fashion. They are sidelined and called several names if they prefer to look after themselves. If somebody prefers to not indulge in any of these, that is fine, it is their choice and frankly, nobody even questions it. However, if a guy likes fashion or beauty, why must he be attacked? Many guys are bullied for this, many guys are shamed for this. Luckily, we are in that era where if we do not have the perfect world, at least people are raising voices for one. People have started demanding a better world with less cruelty and more compassion towards everybody. One person who does not feel attacked or affected by any such thing is Ranveer Singh.

ranveer singh outfits
Source: filmibeat

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He has worn a blazer with a skirt, wears the loudest of prints and the brightest of colours, he is a hero, a mainstream one, does brilliant roles, is one of the coolest people. Basically, he lives by the maxim of YOLO and Lives Life King Size.

Many people question and criticize his outlandish choices, but do he care? Hell no!

Ranveer Singh is one of the leading actors in the Bollywood industry. Deepika Padukone was a bigger star before Ranveer Singh rose to fame, yet they are married. Deepika Padukone has also made it to Hollywood and is synonymous with Bollywood big games, but did that affect their relationship? No, they are married. Their wedding was literally all over the internet. That is a man, who loves high fashion, is wild as he could be, and is not threatened by his wife's success.

ranveer singh outfits


Any guesses as to why he is not?

Because he is a self-secure person. His career is successful too, the audience loves him, women fangirl over him and the directors love casting him. He had done good movies and made 100 crores, hell, he did not even mind being roasted on All India Bakchod's podcasts, he took jokes as jokes and nothing more.

ranveer singh outfits
Source: Fb

We are in that era where we want everybody to be comfortable in their own skin and with their own choices and together we all co-inhabit as a loving specie. This requires a lot of self-awareness, compassion towards others, and no need for violence towards others. Toxic masculinity is questioned every day on the internet. This man simply is as he wants to be and has a skyrocketing career, a celebrity wife, and everything else he would want. He does not feel the need to hide and neither should anybody, be you, and see how that works for you!


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