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If Our Lovebirds, Ranveer And Deepika Were A Regular Couple And Not Celebrities. Here's Their Life Story

Date: 2018-11-21 17:13:23

By Manveen

"Ting Tong."
"Ting Tong."
"Ting Tong"

Carrying the patila in her hand she walks to the door. Not woken up quite yet from her sleep she rubs her eyes. As her eyes adjust themselves to the morning sun, he stood there patiently as the doodh waala poured the milk in the patila he was carrying.

Leaning against the wall, still ditsy from her sleep she asked herself "Could I be anymore luckier?"

Considering her luck she realised he is just a mirage for another few hours and then it is another two months before they see each other. She did not want to complain but Ranveer is not around much and she cannot blame him either, this is the man she chose to marry, to love and to cherish but their marriage is not a very conventional one. She gets it that he loves his job and she always knew what she was signing in for but maybe she underestimated the brevity of the hardships.


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Ranveer works with an event management company that deals with clients abroad and for somebody in his position it is quite essential for him to travel and cater to them every now and then. She has one of her own too in an advertising agency but she wonders if after three years of marriage have they outgrown of each other, of their love? Of all the hearts and flowers?

These thoughts were no new revelations to her and with time she even realised how to dismiss them too and anyway she knew she has something else to look up to too, something special for her.


As if almost a tradition, he gets her gifts from wherever he goes but saves the best one and only gives it to her before he has to depart again. In the beginning she would be quite nosy and would fish for clues but with time she realised each of her departing gifts gave her so much joy because of the timing and the moment that the thing ceased to mean so little and the feeling was everything.

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But humans are curious and she was observing him closely now, "Give it up, damn it" but he was only enjoying her troubles with his secret grin. "What could it be? Some exotic drink? A mid-eastern handicraft?"

"Why is he taking so long today?"
"Or wait!"
"Has he forgotten about it completely?"
"After all these years he does not feel the need to treat he special anymore?"
"Has their marriage lost its magic?"
"Are all hearts and flowers dead for them?"


Breaking her queue of thoughts he finally interrupts her and as welcoming as his interruption was what his hands held did not make much sense.

"You are not even done with your packing yet and why are you wasting time with this plant? I will have the gardener come by tomorrow to cater to all of them" she told him.

But he took a long stare at her, sighed, smiled and broke the news "Hold it"


"This one is for you" "I know I am away a lot and I also know that you have too many things around to remember me by but they are just things and they do not grow with us and our relationship. Flowers wear off quite quickly but in a pot as a plant they live long and that is how we will too. Maybe two flowers a little away from each other but still in one pot"

"So I have a proposition, you take this plant and once I land there I will get one too and daily we will look after it, cater to its all needs without any help of any gardener and the next time I come back I will find a way and bring it back with me and see how much these two have grown with us and how much has our love grown with it"

"Not that we are married, we have moved from the flowers a long time back. We are settled and as should our flowers be too."

Of all her farewell gifts this was the strangest but none of them had the power to overwhelm her the way this one did, the brevity of all her hardships measured nothing to what she was feeling now.

So maybe they were not hearts and flowers anymore but well at least two people still trying to work on the magic in their marriage and somehow that was more than everything in the world.


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