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2020: 30+ Rangoli Designs For Diwali Is The Ultimate Creativeness You Might Be Looking For.

Date: 2019-10-26 15:36:28

By TabloidXO

Sweets, Decorations, Family, and friends...and Rangoli,

This is the complete package anybody would demand on Diwali. Decorating the house with flowers, Diyas, and rangoli is an old tradition which is followed by every Indian household.

rangoli design for diwali

Before Diwali arrives, every Indian family tries to make their house look better than the previous year. So taking that into consideration, we thought to make you relax a lil bit by getting you some great Rangoli designs for Diwali which we believe are unique and you must have not designed before. So get set ready, get some Diyas, flowers and colours to put your hands on our rangoli designs.

During Diwali, colors speak much more than the loud bombs. Most people love to decorate their main entrances, pathways and terrace with colorful rangolis. Rangoli depicts the happy emotions and blessings of the gods and goddess to bestow on their devotees.
For people who are new to making rangolis designs, you will find rangoli stencils very easily online which surely will be a helping hand.

Check out 20+ easy and beautiful rangoli designs below:

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We have tons of latest yet easy ideas to make your Diwali rangoli,


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To do or not to do, Do big or small, Do have colours or not, With loads of minuscule thoughts and task playing in mind, To take the call for doing something that you love, Is all that matters in the end. This #rangoli is the symbol of fight against the time and stress. Fill your life with colours and make it beautiful, because the end result would be awesome 😎!!! 💗💕💖💞💓❤️💓💞💖💕💗 #diwali #diwalidecor #diwalidecorations #celebration #rangoli #rangoli😍 #designs #color #colorful #colorfullife #bright #happiness #peace #diya #light #funtimes #holidays #enjoy #enjoylife #rangoli2019 #diwali2019 #beautifulrangoli #peacock #peacockdesign #rangolidesign #rangoliart

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Flower Rangoli

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Beautiful and innovative peacock feather rangoli design satisfying rangoli art video by Jyoti ऐसी रंगोली आप भी बना सकते हो जैसे कि दिवाली के लिए सुंदर रंगोली की डिजाइन Please visit channel for more details required things for this rangoli 1)rangoli colours 2)pen 3)glue bottle 4) rangoli filler 5) spoon 6) rangoli stencils ring #diwalirangoli #peacock #festivalrangoli #easyrangoli #rangoli #peacock #relaxingvideos #oddlysatisfying #sandart #rangolibyjyotirathod #satisfying --------------------------------------------------------------------- This channel based on rangoli art(sand art ) for rangoli lovers Rangoli makes our mind happy, it has been scientifically proved, because when different colors meet together, then a beautiful design is made that brings joy to our eyes. if you like our rangoli designs DON'T forget to subscribe and hit the 🔔 ball icon ================================== नमस्ते rangolibyjyotirathod,मे आपका स्वागत विडियो में ,मै आपको दिखा रही हूँ रंगोली कैसे बनाते है अगर आपको रंगोली पसंद आयी है तो ____________________________________________ 👉कृपया विडियो लाइक करे और शेअर करे 👉विडियो कैसा लगा कमेंट कर के अपना सुझाव जरूर दे 👉और ऐसे ही विडियो रोजाना देखने के चैनेल को Subscribe करे 🙏🙏विडीयो देखने के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

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We wish your life to be as colourful as your Rangoli. Happy Diwali Everyone!


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