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'Yeh Ladki Hath Se Nikal Jayegi', What's This Behaviour Elders? Maine Kabhi Bola Ki Aapki Zaban Aapke Hath Se Nikal Gayi Hai?

Date: 2020-09-14 11:42:30

By Manveen

(Disclaimer: Through this article we are not teaching someone to be rude or disrespect your parents and elders.)

At 10-12, girls begin to listen to long recorder lectures on learning household chores. Around 15-16, everybody starts questioning their clothes as if their clothes are their character certificates. If they do not score well in class 12th Board Examination then everybody begins to question her chastity. If she is not studying, then why is she going to school? Does she have a boyfriend? Must be so, girls with boyfriends do not study. Once they start going to college, their clothing and makeup face more scrutiny. After college, why are you not getting married? Why are you refusing every marriage proposal? Are you secretly seeing somebody? Do your parents know? Have you been lying to your parents all this while? Do you have any idea how much have they spent on you? Spent on your education?

And blah blah blah...

people in india judgemental

It would take generations to answer all the questions imposed on women. What is worse? Often women who have suffered at the hands of patriarchy are the ones to impose the same scrutiny to others. What is saddening is the fact that at no point, women wanted to break this wheel. They did not want to change how things have been functioning.

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Frankly, if you think any woman who is dating anybody is wrong is a much-juxtaposed situation. A woman cannot date in solitude. It has to be another woman or a man. That man could be your son too, but will he ever be questioned? No, But if dating makes a woman immoral, then why not a woman? It is the same deed, right?

people in india judgemental
Source: istockphoto

Have you ever realized that the amount of the time you waste on judging others and questioning their lifestyle, you could have done something productive?

people in india judgemental

Indian culture has the biggest concept of judgment. Indian culture, meanwhile, also has scriptures that state judgment, bitching, and criticizing a sin as well. Then what does that make you? A sinner in the eyes of your respective god. Please note, *respective* because Indians also refuse to believe that God is one. Every god said god is one. But Indians need a variety in every department.

You know when you call another woman a slut so conveniently so also make others wonder that the word "slut" is so common in your vocabulary. Then what does that make you? Your own tongue is making others question your character now.

Ladkiyan haath se nikle ya na nikle, logon ki zubaan toh nikal gayi hai.


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