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Jitna Bhi Padh Lo, But Jab Tak Mangalsutra Gale Mein Nahi Lagta, Tab Tak Life Complete Nahi

Date: 2018-08-24 12:41:06

By Mansha

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I am in my twenties and pressure to get married is as high as a mother forces her infant to drink milk thrice a day. It starts with "you are old get married" and ends with "what if we won't be there to witness your marriage". First, they will try to convince you in a subtle way possible and when they realize that you are not taking them seriously, they would come up with different ways of convincing you and that is, blackmailing you. Blackmailing too can be of different ways, say, "you won't get the good guy once your marriageable age has gone" or "marry with this innocent and young face because no one wants to get married to a lady who looks old".


For parents, getting their daughter married and seeing her, as a bride is their biggest dream. We understand that we seriously do but we too have goals and dreams of our own. We too want to fly high without anyone holding our wings. We too want to make them proud as our brother does, we want to see same pride and shine on their faces and eyes when they see our brothers working so hard. But one thought always make us feel that maybe that's not enough for them, they still want us to see in that red bridal wear and sending us to our new home. Maybe, that's what their dream is for us.


Today, through this article, I want tell to all the parents over there that our dreams are more than that, we too want us settled but before that, we want to be independent enough that we don't have to depend for our living on our husbands. We would want him to love us as an independent woman and not care for us like a child, who treat us as a grown woman and who listens to us as a mature lady, who respect our decisions and trust them. This all can only be possible when we are independent enough to live our own lives on our own terms.


No matter, how much we study, graduation, post-graduation but the world would see us as a grown woman only when they see a "mangalsutra" on our neck, then only they will treat us with dignity and make us realize that now the world should be surrounded with our husband and our new family. For them, our work would just be a way to pass our time not because we have our own goals and dreams.


Kanya daan hi sabse bada daan hai...

We all must have listened to this quote once in our life for sure, I don't know about the others, but whenever I do listen to this, I always think, why? We studied all our lives; we have done the same hard work as others but still, our journey starts when we get married, no one takes us seriously and people just wait to see us as a wife and a good daughter-in-law.

We are not saying that parents are wrong or the world, we are trying to say that let daughters fly and give them much freedom that she can decide what she wants to do with her life. We too see us as a wife and a mother in the future but when we are ready for it not when you are ready for it. A wedding is not always the last resort for us, there is more into that.

People say, "Dhyaan rakhna haath se nikal na jaaye", to this I want to say "Betiyon ko haath se nikalne do", then only she can fly high without getting scared of any eagles.

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