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Parents, Stop Forcing Your Daughter To Get Married Before She Wants To.

Date: 2019-05-26 11:50:06

By Manveen

Once a girl has finished her education, the sword of marriage begins to hang on her neck as if it could drop any minute. Yes, there is a serious reason why the sword reference is being used here is because that is precisely what it feels like to get married when you don't want to. You can tell us there is an option of divorce, but in India who are we kidding? Life never really goes back to normal. Once you are married, it is almost as if you have picked up Black in the Night's Watch the same ordeal follows in a different context. Once you are married, few days you need not take any pressure because the pressure of adjusting in a new house with a new person and his family is too much that people leave you, but once that phase passes then you are to have children and it never truly ends or does it?


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What if somebody does not want to get married early?
What if somebody does not want to marry at all?
What if somebody wants to marry, but not have children?
What if somebody wants children, but no marriage whatsoever?

How can you go to somebody and just tell them that they should get married because you think so. You probably said that because you have nothing else to say to them and wanted a conversation.

On the basis of what?


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Marriages are collapsing like crazy in India. Parents are found unfit for nurturing a kid, but all of us should blindly jump from this cliff of a marriage because you say so. Who put you in charge of ruining our lives?

Will you make it alright if it messes up?
Or can you even remotely make it alright if it messes up?


It is truly simple. If you force somebody to do anything that they do not want to, they will never be happy about it, about anything even remotely related to it. You can pressurize them or emotionally blackmail them and maybe they will succumb to the pressure after a point because they are only human.

They will get married because their parents asked them to put in the heart in it, but deep down they will always know that they never wanted to. They would not be happy on their wedding day or any day after that, as a parent, is this what you want to do to your child?

Make them unhappy for the rest of their lives?



They will be awful mothers because they never wanted to be. They knew this, but you manipulated them otherwise and for everyday for the rest of her life when she will fail to be the mother, she wants to be but cannot, she will hate herself even more. Eventually, she will realize that you as a mother failed her and now she is failing her child too, and the hate she will have for you will know no bounds then.


Do not do this to your own child; let them marry when the time comes and not when some random uncles or aunties say!


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