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Open Relationship Doesn't Only Mean Hooking Up!

Date: 2019-06-29 16:06:38

By Antriksha

An open relationship is an umbrella term which deviates from the conventional monogamous relationship where you have one partner throughout your lifetime. In an open relationship, you are free to define and experiment with your partners the way you want. You decide and make the rules and it is not all about hooking up and sleeping around with lots of people.


Not everyone is comfortable with the whole idea of an open relationship and they might term it as sexual cheating, but with permission where people go and have multiple partners. This is a very narrow aspect of this relationship. In an open relationship, you require consent from your partner and you do it only when both of you are comfortable with this idea.

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Not everyone is made for the conventional monogamous relationship and if they don't accept this fact, they only create more troubles with their partners as they can never be completely faithful and loyal to them and end up cheating with someone else. This is a sticky situation and you need to be upfront about your needs and find someone who understands this dilemma.

Open relationship is more than hooking up, as your needs might be different, it could be either emotional or sexual. It doesn't always mean a random hook-up culture where you satiate your unfulfilled bodily needs or fantasies. It is more about honesty and consent with all your partners so you don't in any sense make it feel like cheating.

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The whole open relationship also explores the whole concept of cheating in a new light. Any committed man or woman can make the mistake of cheating on their other half, but when you are in open relationship you are secure in the knowledge that whatever happens you both will be completely honest with each other. If you end up having intense feelings for someone else, you can break it off with each other and save each other lot of emotional trauma that comes when you are in a monogamous relationship and the same thing happens.


You might think that this is a difficult thing to maneuver and how does it even work, but trust me, many unconventional couples out there have tried it and are pretty comfortable with this whole thing. They are not only secure, but also have little to no jealousy associated with such arrangements.

It allows you to explore your sexuality to the full extent and also makes you comfortable in the knowledge that you have a strong bond with your one partner that it cannot be broken through petty jealousies and sharing of bodies.



Our society, however, is conditioned in such a way that we have yet to normalize it and see it not with the taboo eyes of something forbidden and abhorring. We need to accept such brave and bold ventures into exploring sexuality and not add derogatory meanings to it without first hand experiencing it on our own.


It might in whole sound very perplexing and might also raise a few eyebrows, but in practice, it might be something completely different than what you originally thought. It is not something that is propagated by our society, but it is high time we need to look after ourselves and give one big 'Fuck off' to the norms and conditions of this society.


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