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Shocking Things That Happen Only In India.

Date: 2021-01-22 12:04:12

By TabloidXO

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Say whatever you may about India and the Indian lifestyle but we sure are comfortable here, aren't we? You can diss the climate and cringe at the garbage but deep inside the heart of our heart, we know that we do not like being bothered and have come to terms with our god-laden culturally rich-occasionally killing us with pollution kind of reality.

Here are some shocking things only an Indian will relate to:

1. Remember that part in the movie Sanju when Vicky Kaushal tried convincing Sonam Kapoor to marry Sanju and stay in India because you do not get servants at such a cheap rate abroad? Yes, we all felt that. Indeed, we are blessed for our economy to cripple one entire class and benefit others.

2. You know there are serious fines and taxation if you excrete or urinate on the roads abroad but our government realizes what others failed to do. They never felt the need for such a ban or imposition.

indian things

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3. While the whole world is trying to figure out ways to save electricity in various ways, our country just simply cuts it down for days without any prior notice. How cool!

4. You thought that was just electricity? We do the same with water as well. Incredible India!

5. Rebel Without A Cause: We can stick bills everywhere on every wall in India. Especially the ones that prohibit it.

indian things

6. Rebel Without A Cause Pt.2: If a wall is going to have a slogan that addresses anybody as a mule or an ass to pee on it, that is precisely where we go and take a piss.

7. Rebel Without A cause Pt.3: What is red light there for? Oh, just to make the streets look colourful and not stop us from racing and rash driving.

8. Rebel Without A Cause Pt.4: If your employers give us the courtesy of using company bills, never have we ever tried not misusing them.

9. We don't mind giving bribes to traffic police because that stupid seat belt comes in our way of safety. How dare that safe belt keep us safe? We don't want to be safe.

indian things

10. It is okay if your children are a total waste as long as you have enough cash to fill somebody else's coffers. Be it donating for college admissions or rescuing them from murders, it is all cool here. We always find a way.


11. If any country dictates you to stop spitting and littering, you should immediately run away from that country and come to India. Here everybody is allowed to spit where they feel like. We have a special paint for our walls called the “paan-spit”.

12. It is normal to not follow road rules, here in India because nobody does. Be it the drivers or the ones walking by, we all live by God's mercy.

13. Drunk driving is a trend here bro. If you never did that and went to Murthal to have parathas, your life has been a total waste.

indian things

14. Worried about staying single? Ask your parents to help you out. Yes, Arranged marriages in India are quite a rage here.

15. If you are not worried about getting married then your relatives will do all the worry for you. We have a sincere culture here.

16. We as Indians are so involved and interconnected that we spend more time peeping in our neighbor's house than on Netflix. Beat us America!

indian things

17. We give narrations after narrations on culture and idols and everything in between but oh, we do not believe in being nice to our servants and maids. They don't count, you know?

18. Sanskaar in India is not to talk to a random guy but marry a stranger. We invented the concept of blind dating, what's more? Your family will approve of it too.


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