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7 New Year Resolutions Every Girl Will Break.

Date: 2018-12-29 23:09:37

By Manveen

Naya saal, naya daur, naye resolutions badhiya hai.
But badhiya toh hai but waise kab tak chalne waale hain yeh?

See we do not want to break your optimism or anything but this happens everywhere. We hope you can accomplish what you wanted to, what you resolved to because it is the road not taken, it is the one less traveled by and with your sheer dedication and commitment you accomplished it, you deserve it and now we are going to ask you to stop dreaming, none of this happened and na hone waala hai, okay?

1. The first resolution that will be broken is diet. Their legist is no point to this resolution because resolution should begin on the first day but the first day of the year is also the day which you celebrate and now tell me how do you celebrate?

Fine wine and dine, right?
Read dine, right?
Toh iss toh resolution ka idea hi bekaar tha, hai aur humesha rahega.Full faltu!


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2.) Diet ke saath ek aur shaunk bhi aata hai muft, muft, muft jiska most of you guys would have taken an yearly or half yearly subscription called gym which is not muft, muft, muft at all.

Maximum you will go a month or two, or three, four max but you also cannot lie this much to yourself so bss ab rehenedo.


3.) This one resolution is more of a trend kind of thing started last year, to drink enough water. Nobody denies the vitality of this one, you should drink enough water toh karte kyun nahi ho?

Pani hai pii liya karo, resolution ki kya baat hai?
But ho nahi payega yeh waise, iss saal bhi coke hi zyaada piyogey.


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4.) If you thought of not falling for fuckboys toh didi yeh toh lifestyle choice hai koi hobby nahi jisse chhutkaara payaa jaye. See if you were capable of doing something like this, well, lets face it then you would have done it by now but hua?

Acha, resolution banaya hai abhi?
Haan theek hai, a new year comes after every 365 days and aate rehte hai yeh baar baar.


5.) Some people really love the planet and are willing to make so many sacrifices for it. That they even decide to go vegetarian and not that we have anything to say or do on this matter but once the lion tastes blood it never stops and if you have once tasted chicken momos, similarly so...



6.) Call it the love for liver or love for your partner or family but the thought of all these people working day and night to brew beer for you, serve it to you, overcharge you on one point of it and then also add extra service tax to it, how will they make money, how will their families survive? How will their children go to school?

If not for yourself but for their families and children, you will never leave beer, whiskey or any liquor.


7.) Similarly, the ones who manufacture, produce, pack, ship and sell cigarettes they also have cigarettes so you are a loving creature and sutta bhi nahi chhutna tumse.


Goodluck, Hallelujah!


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