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Please, Never Do These Things With Your Mother.

Date: 2020-11-26 16:18:28

By Manveen

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Of course, with such a big universe and all sorts of possibilities in the world, there are a million things that you should not do in front of your mother and ten suffices nothing but only to begin with, here are ten things you should not do in front of your mother:

1.) Bad manners.

It indeed is a very broad category if you consider it but this is the woman who birthed you, nursed you, and still is looking after you so the least you can do is not be rude to her. There are plenty of people outside, give your shit to them, be the best with this one.

2.) Grammar correction.

First of all, acknowledge the fact that if you are not born in England then English is not your official language. Yes, it is nice if you know it but stop bragging about it everywhere. Especially if your parents speak a different tongue and you are fluent AF in English then remember that your mum was the one who paid for it. If she would not have then all the bragging would not be happening.

3.) Sarcasm.

So sarcasm is cool, but on the internet, if you live under your mother's roof, be grateful to her. Your smart mouth and sarcasm shitting as can take a back seat.

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4.) Bark back.

Again, keep that attitude in check around her. So maybe someday she drives you insane but whatever she does it is probably out of care and affection so the next time you think about raising your voice, remember all that she has done for you.

Please, never do these things with your mother

5.) Wardrobe challenge.

So maybe your mom is not JLo when it comes to fashion because guess what she is spending every dime on you to get a good education and a good life, so if she is not into your hipster level of dressing then simply leave her be.

6.) Outdated accusations.

Most parents are not as good with social media and technology as we are because these things came in our time, not theirs. Yes, they are lagging behind but they eventually will catch up, give them some time.

7.) Brag.

Honestly, who are you even bragging in front of? Your own mother? What for? So that she will see you from a different perspective? Listen, she gave birth to you. She remembers what you look like even when you had no idea what you looked like.


8.) Pinpoint family members.

It is difficult to put up with some family members but guess what? Those are temporary situations and are not going to last forever so stop giving your mom shit about all these things.

9.) Make fun of god.

Depends on what kind of family you are from, if you are a bunch of atheists then fine but if your mom visits Church every Sunday, just let her be what she wanted to do.

10.) Put up your anti-social mode on.

There are days when you do not feel talkative and would rather be alone or bunk a family function but for her sake just try to be nice.


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