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Dear Kangana, I Think You Are Wrong This Time.

Date: 2020-09-23 14:00:25

By Manveen

The meme-makers have said this time and again hat how can the media of a country focus on Rhea Chakroborty more than the Covid-19 cases, lack of health infrastructure, a crippled economy, depression among youth, and people left to die but amid this Jumanji for a year, frankly, sometimes even Jumanji looks lesser than 2020, it was all wild and game but 2020 is tragic and if it were not for the meme oriented subculture which we have grown used to, we all would be crying our eyes out at the sight of our lives in 2020. So much has happened, families have lost, and families are lost. Maybe in the future, we can recover the economy and perhaps, pray that we develop a better infrastructure but do you know who thinks, this is nothing but a circus? Kangana Ranaut.

kangana ranaut on urmila, deepika, farmers
Source: wikimedia

Recently, she called farmers "terrorists".

They are deprived of so much in life, they are one of the hardest working people in the country with next to no comfort, whatever little aid was left to them has been wrongly snatched and Kangana is calling them terrorists because they want to protest.

In the past, Shahrukh Khan's house was demolished as well but he did not rant about it. #AReminder

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In the beginning, Kangana had us all believe that she is strong, rebellious and will fight for the truth, even we were happy to be the part to fight injustice. But as things have turned out, that is so not the case. She called herself a feminist but did not think twice before shaming Urmila Matondkar. Isn't that an insult now? Whether someone is a home-maker or a pornstar, no one should taunt a women like this.

"Even Urmila is a soft porn star. She is not known for her acting for sure, what is she known for? For doing soft porns right."

She joked about Deepika Padukone's mental health. Irrespective of her term with Deepika or Deepika's situation, mental health is not a joke. She should talk about her issues with somebody as well. If she is receiving some sort of comfort or happiness by fighting a Twitter war with somebody or the other every day, she should not be, that is neither healthy nor ideal.

She made fun of Mahesh Bhatt but what, given the opportunity, did she not work with him? She did right? You do not know what ground the other person is holding and it is easy to judge somebody else's situation from your privilege and pass judgment on how you would have done things differently. Maybe in the future when Kangana will have children, we would love to see if they pursue acting or not because the debate for nepotism will be addressed once again then.

kangana ranaut on urmila, deepika, farmers
Source: wikimedia

To conclude, yes, she is talented, but clearly now it looks, she has an issue with getting along with her peer's ad rides on a horse of complexes. Anyway, if someday in the future, she receives a ticket from any political party, let us not be surprised because right now she is doing an A1 job in distracting everybody from the real issue and if for a minute you think she did say right about Deepika Padukone depression, calling Urmila Matondkar a soft pornstar, and calling farmers a terrorist, then we would say you can still continue to believe that Santa Claus exists as well.


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