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Reply To My Friend Who Always Convince Me To Get Into A Relationship.

Date: 2021-03-01 11:03:08

By Ratika

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Good for you if you found your soul mate. Good for you if your life is all hearts and flowers. Good for you if you think god planned your relationship himself. Good for you that everything is good for you. Do you want to know what else is good in general which also happens to be good for me?

Not being in a relationship.

friends in relationship

I get it is not something you can comprehend, how can somebody be happy or even remotely okay by being just by themselves but guess what, here I am. Single and happy and no I do not mean to offend you or declare relationships miserable altogether. All I am trying to say is that not everybody has the same sense of happiness let alone the same metrics. What might work for you might not work for me.

I get it where it comes from for you, the wholesomeness of having somebody wait up for you, talk to you, be by your side through thick and thin but it takes years and years of effort and struggles to be in a state where you are content with yourself, where you are dependent on not anybody but yourself and this is a big accomplishment for people who strive to be by themselves but you don't get it.


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It's okay, it's okay that you don't get it. You are a completely different person with different wiring and code and obviously, we are not manufactured in the same unit to exhibit common ethics and lifestyle codes but here is the thing, do not tell me to indulge in a situation I don't want to. You might think it is for the best, well guess what, half of Haryana thinks Female infanticide is for the best, Some in Rajasthan think Child marriage is for the best, Saudi Arabia is of the opinion that women should practically be deprived of a lot of rights and that is for the best and for all the best it is we know the truth behind it. It works best for everybody else except the person, it is supposed to.

So just drop it. You are a friend, stay a friend. Why do you suddenly feel the urge to play Cupid?


You got what you wanted in life and I am glad for you and I am happy with what I have, relationships are a part of your life, yes a very important one indeed but a part only and not the end of the world.


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