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The Day When One Of My Friend Decided To Drink, 'Hona Kya Tha, Wohi Hua!'

Date: 2019-02-18 18:55:47

By Ritika

Dates back to the second semester of college, this is a story about one of my friends. The exams had just ended and it was the four of us- very, very tired after pulling all-nighters for a whole week.


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The first step included us sneaking one of our friends and some bottles in our hostel room, hiding from the lady guards at the gate.
Trust me, that moment I felt like, I am the real life detective who came to help my clients (friends)
Sneaking everything safely (including one of our friends) we made sure that everything had been kept securely. Then we had a whole lot of biryani for dinner to make sure we weren't drinking on an empty stomach.



Richa, my roommate was drinking after an eternity. We carefully poured some cold drink and vodka in her glass. After taking the first sip, she said "It is nothing for me, make 90 ml for me". Now, as a good friend and also, Dilli wala swag running in my veins (bina kanjoosi ke), I poured what she demanded.


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Now, after some shots,
The drama started.
Richa suddenly started laughing and by that, I mean that she was laughing A LOT. Like, 3x the amount sober Richa would laugh. And of course, the topic of exes HAD to come up. The laugh turned into tears in literally no time. For the next one hour, she was crying and rapping on non-stop about how he was a complete idiot and also how he has now started to look ugly. Drunk Richa talks about all that, you should have been there, for sure.

Saala samjhata kya hai wo apne apko? Acha hai chala gaya warna...


Next stop, Puke Nagar (no, there is no Nagar as such. just my banter side). Within the next blink of my eye, Richa was there on the floor, throwing up all over our hostel room from the bed to the bathroom to the window- it was a sea of puke. Don't even get me started on what it looked and smelt like, you'll puke right now.

I hope you hadn't right now!

Water, gallons of water- nothing could stop the waterfall from her mouth! We tried dragging her all the way to the shower and could successfully do it after half an hour of trying- yes! Achievement!



So as you might have guessed it already, the day ended with all of us passed out and the room smelling like biryani- not to mention the wrecked condition it was in. Nobody talks about that anymore, only when Richa decides to drink, we tell her a big, fat NO and it is one of the most amusing nights that happened to me.

One question which I really do not know till date, "Why did she laughed like a Cruella?"

That laugh though! Richa, you scared the shit out of us.

(NOTE: The name Richa used in this article is not fake and I do have all the intentions to make her feel embarrassed, and now, you all know why!)

Comment below about your drunk/funny experiences and how you dealt (or maybe couldn't deal) with it.


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