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Dear Guys, If A Girl Hookup, She Is Called 'Slut' And If You Hookup, You Are Called 'Dude'. Why?

Date: 2019-06-24 14:09:57

By Mansha

Boy: Guess what your brother did today?
His friends: BHAI, were you with a girl?
Boy: (With a wink) hook up!
His friends: Well-done Dude!!! TUNE HAMARA NAAM ROSHAN KAR DIYA...


Boy: You are dating that girl? Dude, she is a slut. I had once hooked up with her...

(NOTE: I think his friends forgot that he too hooked up with girls, many times, aren't they supposed to call him man whore, then?)


Feeling angry or uncomfortable? Definitely, you are and you should!

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When a guy hooks up with a girl, he is considered as a cool dude, but when it comes to girls, if she wants to hook up with a guy then she is named as "slut". If this is not hypocrisy then what is?

Hooking up is everyone's personal choice, they are responsible for their actions and bodies, they have no issues with it then I don't understand, who are we to judge them?

Are they telling you to indulge in hooking up or forcing you? No, they are not.

Guys, they are mature enough to understand what is good or bad for them, make yourself free from judging other people, it is not your business and neither are they asking for your lame judgments.

If I take a real life scenario, we have seen guys at clubs and parties doing it openly with their girls and on their back; these same guys speak ill things about them with whom they were having some personal time. Their chest gets wide with pride, guys friends think of him as the Casanova, in his eyes, he thinks he earned some respect,

Bro, you didn't earn a gold medal in the Olympics, Precisely, I am clearing your head.


You were just too dishonest in terms of respecting a girl with whom you were the last night.

We all know, hypocrisy has always been in our society, especially in the cases of women, but calling a "slut" is not only shameful, but it is disgraceful for a man because a pure gentleman would never insult any woman on the basis of her desires as he would know, it is perfectly her choice, just as the way you like freedom.

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Why do girls are held responsible? Why her family is dragged into all this? Why you are being a two-faced head? Do you know what men cheap thinking is? You think it is normal because you are muscular, and are male, so why not take advantage of being male species.




And for women, they are expected to sit at home and wait for the man who would be having total control and right on her body because that all would be so right. Aren't we supposed to have options and a chance to choose what kind of life we want? Being called as shameful and disgraceful for making decisions with whom we want to share our intimacy is like choking with hypocrisy, it makes women feel suffocated.

This is the chance to change your thinking because it is our responsibility to make this country a better place for our women, where they won't feel frightened and smothered every second.

Bring the change, people!


TAGS: indian society mentality, slut shame, male chauvinist, hookup in india
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