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'Sit Properly To Talk Less', We Girls Have Listened To Hundreds Of Taunts, Now Its Time To Let Things Go & Love, Live & Laugh

Date: 2018-11-26 21:00:40

By manveen

Talk in a hushed tone, sit in a poised manner and dare you to let other women live a life with stable mental health!

Dare you!
Oh, you want to know what this is about?
Well, just quoting some Indian lifestyle mottos.

See first of all you need to understand that if you are living a miserable life it is a duty bestowed upon you from heavenly bodies to ensure that others go through the same. Fuck revolutions, let us all suffer from mental breakdowns. Anxiety and disturbed mind-set, where are you homie? We are looking for you!


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Women have been oppressed in India. You know that and we know that and so do Americans and they laugh at us. But ab scene kya haina ki we care too much about what white people think about us. Mandela se koi lena dena nahi hai hume, Morgan Freeman bhi faltu hai humare liye but what these white American accent bearers speak makes all the difference for us.

So hume lagna hai ab cool, okay?

They started talking about body positivity, stable mind-sets, strict actions against abuse and reliance gave us Jio and Firangs gave us some new maxims to live by and now we rampant on the internet about it all day long. Yeah, and we are aware of the irony you are referring to right now.


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So now we talk about how women should be accepted in all shapes and sizes because anyway India mein ratio thoda kamm hai male to female so jo hai rakhlo. We quote a hundred things about it but that bandi from your class who is fat but gives zero fucks to what you have to say to her wore a crop top and that was not looking nice on her but read zero fucks again because sorry abhi fucks out of stock ho gaye hain.

The fact that somebody truly does not care about what you think of them pisses us off so we slut shame her with other people. No, not on the internet, bio pe feminist likha haina but class mein let us all sit and tear other women down. Wahan chalta hai!


Another American thing us Indian love is Romedy Now, and they use this tagline "Love laugh live" jisko padhke you started reading this and are wondering what is this article even about. So what this article is about is that to update ourselves we adopted some attributed from the gora's but fail to live up to them.


So all of us want to just "Love, laugh, live" but we do not let others do that and then they do not let others do the same and just as a never-ending loophole this goes on and on and in the end "Hate, Crib, Die".

So speaking not like a true saint but somebody who might make some sense, the only way we can make ourselves happy is when we make others around us happy. As biblical as it sounds but I will tell you how this is true.


So if you do not bitch about somebody then people who bitch and gossip will not approach you and the fact that you chose to stay out of all this crap will make them respect you because deep down they wish they could do it too. When you criticize somebody else people become more observant of your behaviour as well so if you do not judge some other bandi's fashion sense and if one day you look like a fashion disaster people will give you the benefit of doubt that you are not the person who cares enough about fashion.


So no mean words hurled at you, nothing to hurt you because you did nothing to hurt anybody else, it is this simple.

To sum it up,
You wanna?
I wanna!
You wanna?
I wanna,
"Love, laugh, live".


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