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To My Dear Calories And Fat, I Don't Care And I Can Never Leave My Delicious Food

Date: 2019-02-17 18:13:13

By Mansha

For me, food is life. Paranthas for breakfast are must, without them, morning can never be good for me. I can manage without my best friends or lover (oops, sorry) but, food, you are my LIFE, you seriously are!

Until my stomach is getting it's feast, I don't give a damn about calories and neither about how fat I am turning. Till I am getting my yummy food in my tummy, I know I would be fine or should I say, I will be more than fine! I can't imagine myself without you, my yummy food.


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I don't know how people even live with those boring foods like, Tinda, Ghiya or what not. Mankind, you are seriously missing something great in your life and I just get frowned when someone says, "you know how many calories, this dish has?, you will become FAT", I just want you to ask you, "Do you know how much dirt is there in your head?"",. Like seriously, who the hell counts the food calories figure, just see that so great damn figure of your food who has dressed itself with cheese, onions, jalapenos and so much more fancy ingredients.

As we are growing old, the quality of food is also growing with us, every cuisine is learning something new and that new taste is attracting us (at least me) uncontrollably.


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It attracts me like a magnet attracts iron or steel. Whenever or wherever I see food (sometimes even the smell does the magic), I just appear there even before anyone else (it feels like I can run the marathon, or maybe the second Usain Bolt).

Yes, food has that magic.


I just hate when somebody comments on my fat or quantity of my food in my ashet, Don't they realize, they are taunting the love of my life? And who can tolerate when someone is taunting your love in front of you, will you tolerate? NO, right, then why would I?



That time I just want to eat those people too with extra spices on top of them. Mate, have you ever tried those ALOO PARANTHAS with extra butter or if you like something western, have you ever tried PASTA WITH EXTRA CHEESE OR PIZZA WITH DOUBLE CHEESE. You, dieting people who care more about them are weaker than us. No matter how much you have your green vegetable or salads, the real energy you will get from such food (okay, if not energy, at least the satisfaction level will be on the notch). Now, my friend, talking about that pet dialogue, "this looks so unhealthy and dirty, home food is best for your body", people, that's the reason your immune system sucks BIG time.


Food gives me an extra reason to live and I look forward to another day only because I will be having something different than today.

Yes, I am that foodie. Don't judge me, OKAY?


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