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Letter To A 'Not So Sanskari Boy' Who Wants A 'Sanskari Girl'

Date: 2019-03-18 19:51:40

By Manveen

India has this funny habit of breeding a group of men who feel so entitled to everything and you know what the biggest Indian irony is? This breed of men is raised by women who make them think they deserve everything they ask for. Not hustle and achieve it, but demand it. No wonder dowry is still around the block.


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You know there was this meme that went around the internet during Meghan Markle's wedding that read something like how Markle is a woman of color, an actress, divorced, has done adult scenes, but is still marrying a prince, whereas Indian moms ask for humungous dowries, fairest girl, tall, thin, virgin, anti-social and what not for their jobless-just sits on dad's shop like a dukaandar kind of son.

Talk about "Raja Beta" philosophy taken too far.

But no seriously, this word "Raja Beta" is the root of this entire issue. This boy was told he was a "Raja Beta" and how his mother pampered him, did all his chores, hoping he would study and get good education, but this douche could not even do that and ended up working the gym or in a call center, but this word "Raja Beta" kept on ringing in his head which is why he felt asking for epic dowry in marriage prettiest of girl might suffice for his suffering male ego.


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How far can one go to heal their wounded egos? How about doing something on your own for your supposedly prestigious ego than again ask for something?
But let us address the elephant in the room, sanskaar versus not many sanskaar.
So basically if a girl drinks liquor, smokes, dresses, short then she is a slut and if a guy drinks liquor, smokes, roams on the road naked cat calling random women, he is young and Bhola. That's all, not much of math.

Our point here is how can you entitle a genital as a source of validation?


Because you clearly are not considering the attributes and judging as you know, like drinking is a bad habit in general or smoking is a sin in general, but what you are doing is drinking for girls is wrong, but alright for boys so very clearly it is the sex that is making you change your opinion.


It is a shame that women who have been through the same kind of hell raise sons who put women through the same hell and Who said you deserve any good looking, rich, decent girl?
The only person who thought you are a "Raja Beta" is your mother and come on, how many times do you actually listen to your mother?


We are pretty sure, not much because if this is how you treat other women clearly you have no respect for women in general. You disrespect the entire breed so look at yourself now, you are listening to somebody you do not even respect much, says so much about you.


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