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My Dear WhatsApp Friend, Why Is There Less Supply Of Messages From Your Side? I Miss Our Old Conversations.

Date: 2019-04-23 18:42:37

By Priyanshi

It's been years we're virtual friends now and I remember each and every phase of us though we haven't met yet. It started with Facebook, and then WhatsApp but our texting never ended, never saw any boundaries or time of the day. Even though we lived in different time zones, we managed to talk for more than half a day ad surprisingly never ran out of topics. For me, I always get lost when it comes to talking, but we somehow managed to do it very easily and never get bored of it.

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All of a sudden we were made aware of how beautiful friendships can stay in the virtual world too. Every time we talk about it, we exaggerate and gasp for the years we spent together chatting on WhatsApp and my friends were always in awe of it. We grew side by side. You developed my taste in movies while I gave you life lessons. We were constantly gaining something or the other and I always liked to call it a healthy virtual friendship, but we both know it's been more than that.

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But as we grew older, we got busier in our lives, be it studies or social responsibilities or family time or staying less on the phone because of priorities. But the one good thing that happened with us is we never had complaints, in fact, we started from where we left off. You see, that's the result of good prior communication and maintaining friendships, so effortless yet so important. We still didn't fail to communicate the details of our lives. I think the best part of our friendship was not expecting a reply and still being equally involved in each other's part and parcel of lives.



There was a time when we didn't talk for 6-10 months and suddenly I'd see your message 'yoo sup' pop up or I'd be scrolling through WhatsApp where I saw you pretty down in the list and thought of texting you and asking you how you are doing. And then we'd reply on our suitable convenience and be updated, however much it was allowed by time. But recently, we almost haven't talked for a year and I miss your messages.

I miss your texting style or how used to tease me for being online every single moment of my life, calling me a virtual butterfly. Or when we used to plan on meeting and how we'd have a prank war where we'll plan pranks on each other and see who wins. You were always too confident, but that never happened, lol. Where are all those times gone when we used to chat and chill about life, the universe, memes and poop image? Not to mention, you always sucked at debating so I had the first call on that. However, I miss our old conversations and I hope we start updating a little more of our lives until we meet again. Here's to more seeing each other on our top lists of WhatsApp.


Until next time.

Yours truly,
Virtual best friend.


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