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An Elephant Who Loved Pineapples. *Killed*

Date: 2020-06-04 12:46:53

By Manveen

What happened to elephant in Kerala?

One day, from a forest in god's own country, an elephant wandered away to the city of humans in search of food and water. The elephant had a habit of trusting everybody. Their community bore no malice in their hearts whence they could not expect anybody else to do so either. One man offered the elephant a pineapple and the hungry elephant began to devour it. As the elephant bit it, it burst it in the mouth leading to the unavoidable mishap & after a while Elephant died in Kerala.

kerala elephant killed
Source: tedthestoner

The above paragraph might sound like a verse from some Panchtantra story and we would be much relieved if it only were from a story and not the reality. But to our sorrow, this is true. One local from Kerela offered a pineapple with firecrackers inside to a pregnant elephant. Perhaps you have already read about it. It broke your heart, did it not? The elephant was harmless. Despite being attacked and with nothing left to lose, the elephant did not attack any local or damaged the property.

elephant kerala killed

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What did the elephant do to deserve such a fate? To look for food and water? That is it? To trust humans? We are sorry to be called humans. In 2020, to be called a human sounds like an insult now.

The main question is, what was the need of doing such a thing? Why did the locals do what he did? Clearly he also benefitted nothing out of it. The animal died away in slithering pain and the local legit had nothing to gain out of it so why did he do what he did? Was he planning on poaching the elephant? Was he scared of the elephant? What was the reason behind it?

If tomorrow somebody questions that local, on what grounds would he justify himself? What inspired him to indulge in an act so devious? Is he a sadist? He likes hurting living creatures?

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You can beat your mind around it, but you will not have an answer. Only the culprit who did what he did can answer it. But will he be questioned? Supposedly an FIR has been lodged but we all know how well they work.

A man did this to an animal who did him no wrong, so imagine what this man would do to another man. Was he wanted to amuse his friends? Is he one of those school bullies? Is he a roadside gangster? Who is he? We need to know. We need to know because we need to rid our society of such people. So that we make an example out of him.


So that we can shame this man, boycott this man so that nobody ever dares to do what he did. We make his life a living hell and treat him as the monster that he is. It is very simple, this person who did this is not mentally stable, and he is capable of worse. How safe do his neighbours feel? The neighbours would know. Kerela is not that big and the place where it happened, they clearly would know who did it.

Remember an aunty who shamed some girls and had to apologize because the entire social media stood against her? That is the power we hold. We must use it for every innocent.


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