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I Wear What Makes Me Comfortable, My Mini Skirt Or My Jeans Are Not Begging For Your Opinions And Judgment.

Date: 2019-02-06 23:32:27

By Manveen

There was a very feminist quotation that went around the internet couple of years back "You get to comment on me because I was wearing a mini skirt so does that mean that I get to slap you because you are not wearing anything to cover your face", to which we want to reply to all those women who shared it, yes totally!

If covered skin means so much to somebody, then they should be responsible for their own too. It cannot be this way that you get offended by somebody's arms and legs and expect that people do not mind your face and trust us, faces cause more issues than any legs have ever done.

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Have you ever heard somebody say "look ugly legs" no, right? But so many people comment on the face and maybe the fact that when you have an ugly face you just want to divert the attention elsewhere.

Now if somebody with an ugly face comments on anybody else's face in front of you the first thing that you do is to notice their face, to understand from where does this extreme self confidence comes from and now that you are paying attention to layers of skin, acne, hair and dead cells you realize it is not a good sight and perhaps the person who commented in the first place was quite aware of this reflex so they chose to comment on somebody's legs because chances are even if their legs can define amazon and evergreen, they still have an option of covering it with jeans but sadly other than burkha there is not much of a choice to cover one's face.

Probably somebody should advise this lot to write and send a letter to Levi's, maybe they will invent some denim to cover their face as well and the biggest irony in India that never ceases to be is the fact the faces that can be admired are hidden behind burkhas whereas the ones that should remain at home (perpetually) spend too much time out there on the road. Please, if you are reading this, do us a favor and stay at home, nobody needs your opinions.


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Also, if you really are reading this or if any of the readers know somebody with such strong opinions please do share this with them because we want to ask them how can you find somebody's clothes offensive?


Because all or at least most of us have gone to school and have elementary education and know what human bodies look like, so even if somebody was wearing something that would cover it we still know what it looks like. Truly clothes just act as a packaging only and we know what the product is. Height, weight, and color may vary, but the basic anatomy remains the same, so why do you want to pretend like if arms and legs were covered with clothes toh usme se koi jaadu niklega?


Dekh Bhai growing up everybody watches porn so if you want to play this charade of being an "oh-so-innocent-guy", so, take your drama elsewhere, nobody is buying it and if somebody's dressing sense offends you toh aakhein band karne ka option aapke paas and second you can stay at home in isolation if human body is such an issue to you.



TAGS: judging women on her clothes, womens clothes, equal right for women, judgmental society

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