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12 Reasons Why Jaatni's Are The Best & If You Have One Bestie(s), 'Congratulations'

Date: 2019-02-25 12:07:21

By TabloidXO Writers

Have you ever had a Jaat girl as your friend? Or even just them? If you have, you already know what a lady boss she generally is. She may intimidate you or offend you with her straightforwardness but try not to be judgemental on their first impression. She doesn't probably hate you and, neither is she shouting at you. It's just her way of making herself comfortable. So, here are some things that you should know if you ever meet a Jaat girl, and this will probably help you understand why she is so savage:

1. She is not afraid of picking up fights. She can probably beat you to a plump if she so desired.

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2. She will always speak her mind and will not sugar coat things for you. If you are being unreasonable, she will say so on your face.

3. She is a strong woman because she is raised by one too. Jaat mothers spare no mercy in motherhood if you are wrong. She won't hesitate to throw a flying chappal at you.

4. She is the ultimate boss when it comes to jugaad.

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5. She has a killer sense of humor and is the queen of sarcasm.

6. She cares a lot about the people she loves, though her expressing of care is just as blunt as her speaking. She will probably go punch the person who made you cry.

7. She has fought through the world and does not care about what others think of her.

8. She is realistic and does not romanticize the struggles of life.

9. No matter where she is, she still stays connected to her roots.


10. Even her dramatic emotional episodes are full of humor.

11. She can totally gulp down milk faster than you can.

12. She knows how to party and is quite often the life of the party.

So, summarising from what we learned today, Jaat girls are the purest and most loyal friend you will get. But try not to get on their wrong side, it can be...dangerous for your health.


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