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Intercaste Love, Made In Heaven And Destroyed On The Earth.

Date: 2018-12-13 18:42:03

By Mansha


I am craving for Chole Bhature can we go somewhere?

It's 7 am in the morning and you want to have Chole Bhature? That's why I love you my punjaban.

And every time you are stuck with your Poha.

Grin, that's why they say opposites attract. Will go for ending your craving but before that, we have a class to attend.


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Frizzy morning and as usual we are late because I have to wait for her in the middle somewhere from where I have to pick her up and then we go to our college together. We have been dating since our school days and now we are doing out post-graduation together, so almost ten years of love and many more to come but we don't know what our future has for us, we are eagerly waiting for spending lives together but this Baniya-Punjabi problem would occur someday but we have decided to fight for our love till we get what we want. It's far right now, at least a year before our college gets over.


She is one of the best things that have happened to me, she taught me to smile, laugh and live my life with more colors into it. She is the one who spread joy into my life and brings stability to my life, that's why she made me the happiest man.

One year later...

Congratulations to us my king, we are finally an MBA.

He: yes, we are the smartest one now but you will always be the smartest one.

Yaa right, you better remember this all your life.

He: not a doubt about that. Have you thought about the future, about our future?

She: don't scare me please, now they will definitely start looking up and I don't know how to tell them about this.

He: we will and be positive. Everything would just fall into place.

Her parents: congratulations darling, now you are free from everything, so its time to speak about your future about your marriage, your elder sister too was got married at this age only and now it's your turn. We have started looking for you. Make up your mind for good.

She: mom, I need to tell you something and please listen to it very tentatively and think through your heart.

Do you have someone? We are open-minded people, you can tell us.

She: yes mom, his name is Deb and we know each other since school days and...


Deb? I remember he was from your class, right? But isn't he a baniya.

She: yes. (Interrupted again)

Don't even think about it, and you won't discuss this with anyone now. I want this to get over from every corner of your mind.

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That night she didn't sleep for a second and talked to him all night long, another day he told his family about the same thing and irony was, his family is happy with his happiness but her family was not ready about this. Now, the biggest challenge was to talk through this with her family but what he and his family didn't expect was all the drama and holding her hostage inside her own house.



Five days later:

He got the news through her text saying, "they are getting me married, you have to do something Deb or else I will end this all". He knew what he had to do to win his love back and less he knew that they won't reply to his texts and calls, till his father decided to jump in between them to give his son's happiness to him. But apart from all the hard tries, nothing came to their rescue and Deb started falling sick and one day he was admitted to the hospital, he lost his hopes. Due to which, she lost her hopes too, even though her parents fixed her with someone else but she knew, she can never give her whole to that one person. As soon as she got the news of him falling sick, she too fell severely sick.


That's what the problem is with our society till something bad doesn't happen; they don't understand how wrong or worthless they were. When they realized their mistake, things were pretty out of everyone's hands and doctors said - "now their love only can save them both".

After a week:

They got fixed in the hospital room with the approval of both the families but not because they wanted to see their kids together but because they were scared to lose their children.


What's wrong with our society, they are selfish and cold-hearted people. They saw their daughter crying all night and day but still, they decided to keep her hostage in her own house, only because she decided to marry a person who she really loves.


Through this incident, please learn nothing is more important than your kids happiness and health. What will you do with your pride and position in the society if your kid won't be there with you to live with you? From whom we learned to love, they only told us to forget that love and develop a new one with a person who would be according to them and our caste. Love is more than caste and race; love is a feeling of flying high in the world with your lovebird.

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