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Relatives - 'Beta Shaadi Kab Karogey?' And We Be Like - 'Jab Aapka Beta Haan Bolde'

Date: 2018-11-21 12:46:31

By Manveen

Disclaimer: This article is made in good humour and TabloidXO has never and will never wish to hurt anyone's sentiments. YOLO, PEACE!!

"Beta shaadi kab karogey?"
"Jab aapka beta haan bolde."


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"Main udna chahti hun, daudna chahti hun, girna chahti hun, shaadi bhi karna chahti but not now" , do you get it?

Pretty much from when you are born you are you know in a sense put in a race track, first school then college then job and then the inevitable, shaadi. There is so much we are thankful about when it comes to development and a subculture of applications but if there is one thing that we condemn, and condemn as in with all our heart, might, will power from all our deep unsettling issues to iski toh aisi ki taisi Shaadi.com


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Anupam Mittal is the founder of Shaadi.com and he launched shaadi.com in 1997 and do you know when he got married? 2013. Just calculate the number of years in between, probably would have been waiting for tinder.

Now, do you want to know what real burns feel like? He married supermodel, Aanchal Kumar. So basically this guy gives a leverage in the hands of desi parents, gets us all married makes billions out of us and goes on to marry a supermodel.

On a scale of 1-10, kya lagta hai ki humara kitna kata? 11!



But he just made the weapons, shastra uthane waale are the dear beloved rishtedar. But see you just cannot blame them for always keeping stock. A sensible farmer would always keep some of his crops saved for the harsh weather, haan toh bass wahi hai.

You go to some wedding and these relatives start bugging you up with "shaadi shaadi", now they already are at a wedding, ek bakra already halaal ho gaya hai but next eid bhi toh manani hai, whence a demand for another bakra.


Remember when you were a child and that one time when you scored low but so did others and you told your parents that other did not do well either but they replied "hume doosro se matlab nahi hai, tumse hai" and in the hearts of your hearts you wished if only they did have matlab from other so yeah now your prayers have been answered.

Other relatives children are getting married = You get married.
What will others think = You get married.
Your friends are getting married = You get married.
Cancer = You get married.
End of human race = You get married.
Aliens have taken over = You get married.
Just get married, okay?


And have you heard this "karni toh hai hi, karke khatam karo?"
Yes, fair point. Also, one day we have to die, so why not take a knife, and do a wham bam through our nerves!



All of that being said but the truth is there is no way to conquer over your relatives. Until then avoid weddings, do not give in to the lalach of food because you my friend are the bait they all are waiting for.

Savdhaan rahe, surakshit rahe, Shaadi.com se dur and Tinder se bohot paas rahe.

Until next time.

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