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Education Institutes That Preaches Change And Betterment, Are They Really Helping? We Doubt

Date: 2018-11-24 13:09:15

By Manveen

Do you make the system or does the system make you?

Okay so just hear us out. Say you had to take a refund from your college and you went to the administration and they tell you to go to another office and then another, get a challan Xeroxed or arrange for some moot document and so begins the charade and now you have been doing this for a couple of weeks. One night you are arranging for some more and more documents and you are just like "F**k this sh*t" I don't want the refund anymore and you give up and the office continues to work like it was before because why would they care?


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You want to know the worst part that right now we would not even address higher authorities but focus on colleges and schools only. These institutes that speak so much about change and challenge, that criticize the government for their procedural work style and the prolonged delays that happen with them turn a blind eye towards the functioning of their institutes.

Double standards?

This recent piece of information was brought to our attention lately. A girl around 9-9:30 ish was returning back to her hostel at night which is built inside the college campus was tried to be kidnapped in a car by a group of men. One more note that we would like you to keep in mind is that the same college gates have 2-3 guards at all time during the morning, who sit there harassing the students for not having I cards were not present while this happened. Truth is they never really are there even if something else had happened in the past but will be there to ask you for I cards and would not let you in the morning because the college gives them this power.


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But the college also gives them a responsibility which they are unable to fulfill but who cares if that girl even got kidnapped, she should have her I card the next morning.

Being a child of faith on women empowerment movement she approached the warden, then a teacher, another higher authority and was asked to go from one office to another to a point where she was simply like "F**k this sh*t" and just like that she gave up.



Being an institute that preaches change and betterment they did not shut her out totally but did it in a way that she could not even complain and even if she would have then what else would it be rather than walking from one office to another?

See the government and all that is too high a thing for us to fight in one day. We are not saying we won't do it but we need more help for that but at these levels where they teach us to fight and defend make us go through a procedure, this whole "procedure" that everybody hates, everybody knows what it does to justice, yet they support it.


Colleges are the foundation of revolutions and they pretend to be better but are not really, they like to look like a medium of change but cannot deny the seed of corruption they have been grown out of either.


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