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Hi, I Am A Sardarni And I Am Here For Wise Advice.

Date: 2020-04-29 15:13:56

By Manveen

A disclaimer: Before any evil mind ruin up this article by their thoughts, this article is written in the direction to treat everybody equally and also to respect each other's choices. The examples stated below are mere a way to make you understand the importance of mankind.


In a country so diverse, you cannot help but wonder if our diversity is a problem. We all are wired to think in a way, react according to our societal norms. We say societal norms, society being the word to focus on here yet we do not consider our colleagues, our society if they do not belong to our creed. We do not identify with our neighbour if they are not from the same caste. Loving your religion is one thing, but hating somebody else's is another.

It is natural to feel a sense of belongingness to your roots and culture, but why must you treat somebody else's faith wrong and a source of your mockery? Who made it okay for you to abolish mosques and temples? Both parties, yes! We can say more, but if you believe in religion, it is because you believe in god and no god-fearing person is capable of hurting anybody else. If you can justify the massacre in the name of God, your God has already shut doors for you. No need to bother yourself anymore.

Racism is a bigger issue than we speak about it. If we go abroad, then we are differentiated there for being an Indian, for belonging to a third world country. But why must one not feel at home when they are in their country? Sikhism originated in India yet Sikhs is treated as secondary citizens.

When we preach about body positivity we have to make it more inclusive. It is not just skinny or curvy. If somebody wishes to grow their body hair, it's their choice. If somebody wishes to never get a haircut, their choice. Sikhism does preach of not shaving or cutting hair, but due to personal preferences some people do and some do not.

After a certain age, you can still evaluate for yourself what is worth your time and what is not, but during puberty, if a Sikh girl is not shaving then everybody has to give her names. We need to monitor our schools and students foremost for they are the first step into the world and if anybody begins to hate themselves there, they cannot come out of it easily. Regardless, most would not even consider that an issue. It does not end there either if being a Sikh you decide to cut your hair, people use it as a medium to question your faith and character. They judge you for being a rebel.

Let us put it clearly here, Sikhism started approximately 300 years ago. It was far ahead of its time back then as it did not believe in caste, colour or creed. Everybody is equal, men and women both. The Mughals had invaded India and were unleashing hell (again read carefully, Mughals not Muslims, there lies a very big difference). Sikhism initially started as a Sufi movement and eventually turned the followers into an army who would fight injustice. That's it, that is how simple it is. For the same army, they wanted to distinguish themselves and started the culture of turbans and Kirpan. Also, they believed that our bodies and not to be altered. Another thing Sikhism stands for, it upholds nature as the biggest force. If nature wills to do something then nobody is supposed to interrupt it a course which is why they do not fast, perform rites, or retort to astrologers. This is also inclusive of our bodies. Sikhs are advised to maintain their bodies in the most natural form.

However, the times have changed and we live in a different society now. What would have worked back then might not work now? So many decide to not follow everything and only what they find correct. Some still follow it in the most traditional way, some do not. That's it. Some think tradition brings them closer to god and some believe that their faith in God alone is enough and independent or anything else. You do not get to judge either.

To conclude, Sikhism stands for one thing, and that is equality and humanity. You do not get to criticize somebody for their choices, be it about their fashion, and be it about their hair, colour or religion.


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