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How To Make Your Wife Comfortable In Her New Home After Marriage. Guide To Husband-wife Romance.

Date: 2019-07-14 11:03:20

By Mansha

Marriage is a life changing commitment, especially for girls because moving to a completely new house with new people around is not as easy as it sounds. Most of the times girls go through nervous breakdown where they search for that one familiar face who can tell her that "it's fine and she got him".

It is the responsibility of a husband to help his wife to be comfortable and feel at home because when a girl gets married, she only comes to the new house for her husband. She expects him to be there for her and beside her in every situation and every time.

Ways to help your wife to feel comfortable in her new house in the initial days of marriage...

Make her familiar with the family members:

Tell her everything about her new family so that she won't feel out of the place within the new set of people. Tell her about their likes, dislikes, interests and about their personalities so that she can put efforts, according to that to gel herself within them.


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Embrace her when she is nervous:

Girls do feel nervous about the fact, what if she won't be able to make them feel happy about her or what if she won't land up to their expectations. When she goes through such nervous breakdowns take her in your arms till she is fine to go.


Romance is the key to happiness:

In the initial days of marriage, the house is full of guests and relatives. Take out time in between for a little bit of romance like giving her a wink or a small touch while passing her way. Mark my words; you will see a smile on her face all day long.


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Sit with her:

When she is sitting with her in-laws, take a seat next to her. She will feel secure and will have a smooth conversation with her new set of the family because it is not at all easy to have a conversation with new people when you know nothing about them.


Have some alone time:

Take out time from all those hectic rituals and formalities. Have some romantic and intimate moments because it is important to make her feel that she is prioritized.


Help her with chores:

When in the new house it is difficult to figure out their way of living and their lifestyle. Help her with chores and make her familiar with your lifestyle.



Console her when needed:

Girls do feel lonely and miss their mothers the most. Console her at such times and make efforts to make her happy like take her for a long drive or a big hug would do wonders.


Listen to her feelings:

Listen to her when is sharing her feelings or thoughts and make her believe that she is not alone. Never ignore her thinking that it is a phase and she would be okay. No, no one wants to feel lonely and it is your responsibility of being a husband that you listen to her and make her feel your queen.


Husbands out there, your woman doesn't want anything else apart from your time, love and support especially in this phase of her life. Be her strength so that she can tell herself that "yes, she has made the right decision".


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