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10 Things Every Husband Expect From His Wife.

Date: 2019-05-02 18:04:28

By Mansha

We often talk about women's expectations from their husbands, but we hardly talk about what men want from their wives? Because men don't show their wants as we women do, but today, let's devote our little bit time to our darling husbands and their wants or desires.

We often feel men are less expressive or we assume that they are not so needy except sexual attraction but it is not the case. Yes, we have this assumption that men only want one thing from their wives but that's not the truth. They need other things too for a happy married life, like:

That "First step":

Guys show their love by their physical attraction and they make you feel special. In the same way, sometimes they too want to feel special and for that they want you to make that first move.


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Times come in every couple's life when a husband is occupied with his work life, in that case, he wants his wife to be understanding and in many other ways also like his mood or his problems. To sum up, he wants you to be his strength and not his weakness.



As we girls love his undivided attention, in the same way, he also craves for it like, when he is not feeling well, he wants you to spoon with him and comfort him in every possible way.



All those fancy candlelight dinners, room decorated with flowers and gifts. Why should he always give you those, why should he always show some romantic gestures? As you wait for these moments, he too wants to experience those butterflies, but he never says it, though, deep inside he wishes to have those moments.


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Respect towards his family:

He knows you respect him, but as a son, he wants you to be respectful to his family. Sometimes, he feels like a sandwich between you and his mom, but he doesn't say anything. He wants you to be a daughter to them with little more efforts.


Applause and appreciation:

He wants you to appreciate him when he needs your approval the most. Be it in work wise or house chores. Appreciates his efforts when he is trying his best to make a better life for you both.


Emotional support:

Sometimes life doesn't seem fair and he feels stuck. In all those dilemmas, be his emotional support and be right next to him as his pillar.



Talk about his problems:

Listen to him when he needs you the most; ask him when he seems low and distracted. Just listen to it without giving life lectures because all he wants is his love to listen to his heart.


Stop complaining:

This is every wife's right to complain about literally everything but take a day off from complaining and spend some quality time with him, only with romantic talks and more.



Most importantly, he wants you to trust him with all his decisions without questioning about outcomes because all he is doing is only for you both and your future as a couple. Trust him with his dreams, desires, and everything.


Husbands want to feel special as well and wanted. So, be a kind of wife which he wants you to be because then only there will be a real "happily ever after."


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