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6 Ways In Which You Wake Up Early Morning, Other Than Your Morning Alarm

Date: 2018-09-11 18:44:41

By Abhishek

No one likes to wake up early morning, if I would have been given an option, I would have happily chosen 12 PM as my morning time, however it is just a thought and it will always be a thought because of araam se sone kaun deta hai!

The biggest enemy of our sleep is the alarm and if in case we put it to the deathbed for some time (I mean making the alarm off/silent), there will be some other hindrances which will force your eyelashes to open until you go to your bathroom on your own feet.

So let's talk about those things now:

1. The maid and her Jhaadu (Broom) because she will come and the first thing which she will do is switch off the fan.

In all this mess our half sleep is already gone and the rest will go when she will exit the room without switching on the fan.


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2. You don't need an alarm because you have "Maa ki pukaar"

Our mum's first dialogue: Beta uth jaa 7 baj gaye hai, but you didn't woke.
Another dialogue: Nalayak utha ja saara din sota rehta hai.
Trust me, this dialogue by our mums is hair raising.


3. You are too scared of your dad that sometimes your dad's face comes in front of your eyes while you are morning dreaming.

You know when he will be back from his morning walk, so you try to wake up before he enters the house.


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4. Life can't be easy until you have your boss. who haunts you even in your sleep. You see the name 'boss' on your mobile screen and trust me you never had ever stood up this fast from the bed before.


5. That unstoppable sound of your doodhwala bhaiya or his infinite doorbell ring which even the pados wali aunty can't ignore, how can we expect from ourselves.



6. Last but not the least, only those who have houses next to the park will understand, those bunch of uncles who are playing a game (I mean yoga exercise) named as 'laughter therapy' sometimes creeps me out from my bed, yar sometimes it is so dangerous... no not for them but for me who is sleeping.


Good morning, I hope you did because my morning didn't started well, Wahi, uncles playing session (laughter therapy)!


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