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Relationship Tips: 8 Ways Couples Can Solve All Problems.

Date: 2018-12-22 18:31:25

By Ritika

Relationships are the best rainbows in our lives if they are going well and the worst nightmares if you're having a rocky phase. Every couple runs into problems every now and then and you're one of the rare ones if you don't (and well, congrats!)

Through all the hassles and 'I don't like this about you' and 'you don't care about me', couples find ways to get through everything that's wrong. Maybe through self-correction or trial and error, we find ways to keep our peace of mind without pulling the other's hair out. Today, we've decided to help you, our friends. Yes, because I have been through the hotchpotch in the relationship and I'd definitely like you to save some trouble. So here are some of my relationship advice which will solve the problem between you two:

Relationship Advice 1: An actual meeting.

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Turn on the 'do not disturb' mode in your phones and keep all other devices away. The most important part of a relationship that we seldom miss out on is talking to each other. So, start talking to each other, putting everything on the table and being completely honest- because the other person deserves to know.

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Relationship Advice 2: Meet in a public place.


If your relationship is going through a toxic phase and you fear that either of you will raise you voice, go to a café or a restaurant so that you can talk more peacefully.

Relationship Advice 3: If the problem is money, be honest about it.


If you're facing financial issues, you need to be honest with your partner. Tell them clearly how much you can spend and help with and that you'll try your best to improve the situation.

Relationship Advice 4: Acknowledge the things they do for you.


Even the smallest things like setting an alarm just to wake you up or getting that favorite brownie you like on their way home from work can make a lot of difference. But we often tend to ignore these and also completely forget about them during a fight. Start opening up your eyes, seeing around you and seeing that they care a lot.

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Relationship Advice 5: Stop putting the blame.


The blame game has never helped anyone in this world. This is not a war and you're not here to win. All you're here for is solving issues with your partner. So instead of telling them where all THEY went wrong, try putting your perspective forward and understanding theirs at the same time.

Relationship Advice 6: Don't rant to your friends constantly about your partner.


I know ranting and venting brings a lot of calmness in life, but understand that your friends see things from your perspective only and can unknowingly encourage you to go on the wrong path. So, until you've made some headway in the argument, do not vent out to others.


Relationship Advice 7: Try setting rules for arguing.


This goes in resonance with #2. If you know that the two of you go crazy, crossing all limits- set some ground rules like not shaming or name-calling.

Relationship Advice 8: Be particular to differentiate between arguments and toxicity.


Recognize when the relationship is turning into a toxic one and don't be afraid to get help if that is the case. Also, be particular to not term EVERYTHING as toxic, there is a huge difference between the two.

'...and they lived happily ever after!' HAHA, LIES!

No two people can constantly live happily together - if they do, they are not humans. Take a deep breath and have the mature talk with your partner.


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