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9 Ways By Which You Can Convince Your Parents To Postpone Your Marriage

Date: 2019-02-01 18:56:02

By Mansha

"Beta Shaadi Karlo,
Yehi Sahi Umar Hai Shaadi Ki"
"Life partner ke saath zindagi balanced rehti hai, beta"...

Are you also the victim of "Beta Shaadi kab karoge"? If yes then I can definitely feel you because I know it is annoying and hell irritating especially when you haven't even given a single thought about getting married. Now, here the question comes that how to keep postponing the topic of getting married? How to convince your parents to give you some more time to think about it? Today I have come with the ways you can postpone to get married...

Be independent:

Do something valuable with your life, earn for yourself and show them that you are serious regarding your career. In this way, they will understand that first you want to stand up on your own feet before taking anybody else's responsibility.


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Continue your studies:

Join a new course or continue with your own stream. In this way, they will think that you are becoming sincere about your life and career.


Be sentimental:

Emotional blackmail them. Like, "how will I live without you, why you want me to send away, am I not that important to you now or I will miss you". Trust me, Indian parents are way emotional than we think. Ek emotional line aur kaam nikal gaya...


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Go abroad:

Go on a small trip or join some short course abroad. By this, you can at least postpone it for a few months.


"Let me earn first":

Tell them that you can't get married before earning enough for taking care of your own family. Ask them about how will they feel if you would ask money from them in front of your wife or how would your wife feel about it? This is the perfect way to postpone your wedding for at least a year.


Give your friend's parents example:

Tell them how your friend's parents supported your friend on his decision about not getting married this early. Tell them to understand like them. Comparisons always kill people...



Take your married siblings help:

Ask your married siblings to help you to postpone the idea of getting you married. They can talk to your parents and can easily convince them to wait for a little time more. They can say things like, "let him enjoy his bachelorhood, later on, he has to listen to his wife only or let her live, later on, she would be too busy in household chores".


Tell them about your sibling's relationship (if any):

If your unmarried sibling has a serious relationship then take advantage of it. Tell them about his or her relationship and get them married first.


Be straight:

Be straight about your feelings, tell them that you are not ready yet for such a big commitment and you want to be fair to your future partner by loving him or her at the right time. Tell them that you will inform them whenever you will be ready for it and that day will surely come.


Happy postponing!!


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