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How To Make Holi Safe For Women, Here Are Some Things You Can Do.

Date: 2019-03-18 20:20:16

By Abhishek

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Holi is the most colorful festival we Indians celebrate. You talk about food, music, colors, sweets, and people, everything looks vibrant.
And in all the enjoyment, we know, women sometimes have to face some horrific incidents.
By saying 'Happy Holi', and putting colors on her forcefully without her consent and ending it with 'Bura na maano Holi Hai' has made the environment toxic for women.
Now, imagine, how a woman would feel? She came to enjoy the festival of colors, Holi, which ended for her as a dull festival. Using non-toxic colors on Holi does not mean we made the Holi safe, but taking care of people around you would surely help.

Here are some things which we can adapt to make women safe this Holi:


Always be aware of the atmosphere around you. If you feel someone (even if it is your friend) is forcing to put colors or in any way is disrespecting any women, stood up for her and correct that person.



The place will be filled with your closed ones who will be moving in and out and the main doors might be opened, so you have to make sure no unwanted guests are allowed at the party, which may take advantage of the situation and mix up with the crowd.


Don't target girls (actually everyone) with big-giant water balloons at the party, it may cause serious injury and will disturb the happy atmosphere.



Keep an eye on your guests-list. From time to time, make sure everybody is present and if in case you find someone missing, do not hesitate to take help from your friends and family who are there.



If you see any women in public who is stuck in the crowd who are forcefully putting colors on her, be the helping hand and take her to the place away from that crowd.



It's Holi time and surely there will be alcohol or Bhaang at the party, so watch out for yourself and your friends. If you think she is a bit high, don't hesitate to be her chauffeur, if needed. Because your friends and family are your responsibility too.


Keep these points in mind and enjoy the festival with your loved ones. Be safe, take care of people (men and women) around you and have fun. Happy Holi.

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