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How To Lose A Guy In A Week

Date: 2018-11-21 15:17:40

By Ritika

Kate Hudson did a really good job with losing Matthew McConaughey in 'How to lose a guy in 10 days'. Of course, they ended up together after the bad part but here, we're talking about ACTUALLY losing a guy in a week.

The easiest way is to do it going up to him and telling him that it's over but if you're like me and the breakup talk makes you shit your pants, you're at the right place. We've tried to come up with ways to stretch the breakup process over a few days and making sure that you don't have to face the actual deal. Either that or take this as a guide on things you should never, ever do to turn off a guy forever.

Avoid him occasionally


Every once in a while, avoid his calls, texts and meetups. And then come up with excuses like "Oh sorry, didn't check my phone", "Sorry, I was out with people." Be very vague about your whereabouts, he is going to go bonkers with jealousy and doubt and eventually will give up.

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Have nothing to say to him when you talk


There is no better way to make someone's mood spoilt than seeming uninterested in whatever he is saying. Don't be interested in what he says or tells to you.

But when you do talk, make sure that it is around other people


By doing this, he's going to know that you are happy... just around other people. Be happy and content around others. As someone who'd want to see you happy, this is going to make him realize that he's not the source of your happiness anymore and he'll go away in no time.

Be just plain disgusting


Everything you've ever learned about personal and public hygiene? ERASE THAT. Okay, he might find you cuter if he is also very unhygienic but in normal cases, it is going to make him feel very disgusted and difficult to live with you.

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Physical Love? NO.


If you've been physically intimate in the past and now you constantly start saying no to everything he is doing or trying to do to make you feel loved, he's going to start understanding that things are no longer the same and definitely something has changed. Stick to just friendly, quick and side hugs and or shoulder pats.

Sarcasm Game: LEVEL 1000


Everything that you've never liked about him but wasn't ever able to say it? Now is the time. Spill out everything in the form of sarcastic taunts. "Of course, you know how to do it, Mr. Know-it-all!" This is going to make him feel uncomfortable with you and eventually, he might actually leave.


Pick fights without getting the blame


Pickup fights on the minutest of things and make him feel like its his fault. Whatever he says, just counter it with something else. If he puts the blame on you for something, say that you're shocked that he's even saying it.

Hate on his friends


Constantly keep ranting about how his friends are the actual definition of stupid and he should maybe try and find better ones.

Talk about other men


"Karan is such a sweetheart, he dropped me home today.", "Rahul cares about his mom so much and he also loves dogs, omg!" When you keep talking about other guys, it's going to make him feel like you're interested in everyone's life but his.


If you read this and felt HOW COULD SOMEONE DO THIS? You're probably on the other end right now and should definitely learn some quick tips from this article on things you should definitely not do to NOT lose your guy in a week. For my other girls out there, you've got your holy book. The game plan is here, get ready!

Note: These things will not work on people who have brain as size of a peanut or I should say 'Chaep' (Clingy).

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