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How To Know If A Guy Is Serious About You In This Relationship.

Date: 2019-10-07 11:54:23

By Mansha

Getting into a relationship is easy but maintaining the relationship is hard and when a person starts a relationship without any serious feelings, then it is like, living without any solid reason.
There are many men out there who never takes girl feelings seriously because they care only about their fun with their short-time girlfriend but we all know, girls are sentimental when it comes to love.

if a guy is serious about you

Girls have never been able to figure out how to understand the sincerity of their boyfriends when it comes to love and today; we are here to help you. We have come with the points that will make it easy for you to figure out if a guy is looking for a serious relationship or not.

If he is really serious about you, he will follow the following ways to love you:

  1. He would mention the future with you in it. Planning life after a few years with you is his dream...

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  3. He will not mind telling his parents about you. (Hoping you are 21+, only then this point should be considered.)

  4. Your happiness means everything to him. There may come a case where he knows you decision is wrong but still listens to you because he consider you important.

  5. He tends to worry more than you worry about your own problems and this shows how caring he is for you.

  6. if a guy is serious about you
  7. He always makes the lovely eye contact with you to show, he loves the feeling of getting to know your soul from within and also, he would mention, how beautiful your eyes are...

  8. He would have deep conversations with you about life, and his worries because he trusts you with his secrets...

  9. He is never satisfied with spending time with you. He always pressurizes you to stay for some more time with him because he hates it when you are far away...

  10. if a guy is serious about you
  11. He tells you about his family members and in detail because he wants you to be the family to him...

  12. He expresses his love for you by words instead of just actions...

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  14. He listens to you most of the time because he respect you...

  15. He always seems curious about knowing more about you as he loves to get to know you more...

  16. if a guy is serious about you
  17. He would never fake things with you about anything, no matter how harsh the real situation is because he wants you to be involved in his life completely...

  18. He keeps on doing special things for you, like sending flowers or cupcakes on random days or planning sudden dates with you...

  19. if a guy is serious about you
  20. He is possessive about you in a healthy way that shows he cares about you. Like, calling you to check if you have reached back home safely or sending someone with you when you travel alone in the night...

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  22. He never hesitates to introduce you to his relatives and other people because he sees his remaining life with you and he wants people to know that...

  23. if a guy is serious about you
  24. No matter if he is in the meeting or busy with someone else, he never forgets to text you because he knows your importance.

  25. He keeps on complimenting you about your looks, clothes and whole about you because, for him, you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen...

  26. if a guy is serious about you
  27. You feel like home when you are in his arms and that is the gut feeling you get from his touch and love he has for you...

  28. He takes your opinions seriously and makes sure he follows them...

  29. if a guy is serious about you
  30. He pays attention to what you are saying and never gets tired of hearing your voice because your voice is music to his ears...

  31. He cancels everything for you if you say, "you miss him". Yes, you are his priority...

  32. He shares your passion because your happiness makes him happy and your one smile makes his day...

If he is doing all these things for you then you have got your answer. Feel the feeling of being at the top of the world with him.


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