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How You Can Truly Forgive And Forget Someone.

Date: 2019-07-30 18:19:44

By Mansha

Life is a journey, where we meet many strangers, some of them become our dearest and the rest of them leave their painful footprints behind. Their memories haunt us and it brings regrets and tears, but as they say, "life must go on".

It becomes difficult to forget what they have done to us, their presence in the world makes us hate them the most but "what we are getting from all of this" apart from making our own lives miserable. So, it is best for us to forgive and forget.


It takes courage, but in the end, it is all worth it because you learn to move ahead in life without looking behind in your past. Ways, how to forgive and forget...

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Know your worth:

No one deserves to be ill-treated in any way, nor physically or mentally and if you felt wrong about being with that person then you are right because you know your worth and if not then try to look for it within you. Remember, you are one in a billion and you are perfect in the way you are.


Say, "their loss":

Because you are the best and you deserve the best of the best. Never blame yourself if things didn't work out because you were doing your best and they walked away from your life, so, their loss.


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Care for people who care for you:

Losing a person who never cared for, and your feelings or emotions is your win and their loss because they let a person go who loved them and you have gained your self-respect back.


You deserve better:

Say this to your soul every day non-stop because this is how you will forget what they have done to you. Remember, if god closes one door then he opens one as well.


Getaway with all their memories:

Be it their photos or anything else, delete or erase them from everywhere. Forget as if they ever existed.



Never curse them:

Apart from cursing, think what your life has turned out to be after they left (which is much better, I am sure). Instead, thank them for letting you live again with better hopes and dreams.


Try to be busy:

So that you don't have time to think about them. Do things, which you always wanted to do maybe, those painting classes or wine tasting.


Never regret having them in your past:

Because they taught you to be strong and different. Accept them in your past and let them be in your past without your present and future gets affected. Trust me, this will help you to live in peace without any regrets.


Don't hesitate to share your feelings with your dearest:

Because it will let all that frustrations and anger come out of your system and that is the part of healing and forgetting.



Don't keep any grudges:

No point in keeping grudges with a person, who would never be a part of your life again. Forgive them in your mind and heart and go ahead with your life.


I know, you must be saying, "it is easy to say than implement it" but tell me, what another choice you have?

It is your call if you want to live your life or live your life in the past.

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