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7 Things You Can Do To Make Third-wheeling Enjoyable With Dating Couples

Date: 2019-07-11 14:56:11

By Priyanshi

All the single people out there, you are not alone! Tired of hearing this line? Me too. I've spent half my life perfecting the art of third-wheeling with a tint of awkwardness and finding ways to enjoy being in that place. I mean it's not too bad if you come to see because your friends will at one point have boyfriends/girlfriends and you'll just have to know the drill.

Here are 7 things all of us can do to make third-wheeling enjoyable:

1. Suggest stuff that involves more than 2 people.

When you guys go out and you are the one who's going to be third-wheeling, do something like bowling or going to the game zone which involves more than 2 people in the activity. That way all you three people can bond well.


2. Plan movie nights where single friends are also invited.

This is a win-win because the couples can have their time while being around with a friend circle. This way the single friends won't be alone anytime and there'll always be something to watch ahead of you


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3. Make fun of them both

Pick up on them and have you tell their stories to each other. This way the couple will be involved in your conversation and everybody will be happy.


4. Getting a little buzz might help.

Alcohol never fails as an option when you've had a couple who is making you feel awkward the whole time. Ask them to join you and you guys can have fun without caring much.


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5. There are perks of third-wheeling. YES!

You can split the Uber or the food bill into three... or you'll have a silent company altogether if that is what you're looking for. I mean, sometimes you just don't want to be alone and then that option serves the need best.


6. A lot of times, they invite you for company and trust me, you get a lot of free stuff.. So why not?

On Sundays, my friend used to ask me to tag along and to not pay for a thing! I have watched so many action movies on their money. It's fun because you also don' feel the burden as you're doing them a favor too.



7. You become an important mediator between them.

You suddenly become the arbiter between them and they involve you in their arguments and peacemaking sessions and you just are the first person they approach. This way you have two people to look for you and more friends is equal to more happiness and less about being alone.


However much we complain about it, third-wheeling has its own perks and sometimes it's beneficial and you can always dig into ways to not feel that. You got to make your couple friends aware that you are being left out if that's the case!


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