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How To Convince Your Best Friend That Your Boyfriend Is A Good Guy?

Date: 2019-07-23 12:41:08

By Mansha

Having a best friend is a blessing, they become a special part of your life where you are bound to take their approval before every important decision of your life and that decision also includes "if a man is good enough" to be your boyfriend. You want her to be satisfied first because she is worried about you than you are worried for yourself, but situations are not so easy-going all the time, exceptional cases do exist where you have real feelings for someone, you want to take things to the next level, but she is not sure about your decision and about the guy whom you are planning to date.

So, today I have come with the ways that might help you to convince your best friend about the "guy"...


Inform her about your "real feelings"...

Have a conversation with her calmly and try to make her understand that you want to give this a chance. Tell her that you know, she cares for you, but this time you want to do this alone because you don't want to feel guilty later about how you didn't even give the chance to your feelings.


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Make sure that they meet:

Plan a day out with your best friend and your boyfriend; try to make them bond with each other. Try to do things that they have common like, love for Chinese or a movie.


Tell her about his good deeds:

Keep telling her about his good deeds which he does for you or in his day-to-day life. By this, she will build a good report of his in her mind; keep informing her about his nature and behavior.


Indulge her in your plans:

Let her participate in your plans, maybe for a party or a chilling scene. The more time she will stay with him, the more she will get to know him.


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Tell him to make her feel special:

Tell your boyfriend to put his extra efforts to win her approval because if she is not sure then she won't let her best friend live in peace with her boyfriend. Tell him to invite her for special occasions or wish her at each festival.


Don't ever think to hide anything from her:

If you will hide things about the relationship with her then maybe she will take her step back or would simply warn you about "ya toh yeh yaa toh main" and "itihaas gawah hai" it is not easy to choose. In simple words, don't make her left out or less important.


Help your boyfriend to be friends with her:

Try to build a friendship foundation between the two because it's easy to be friends than being in a formal relationship with anybody. Try to make them comfortable in each other's presence by organizing various days and nights together.



When she will see it, she will accept it:

In the end, she will accept it when she will see that care and love in your eyes for him. You just have to make her believe that it is all true and only for the sake of your happiness she will give her best nod to your relationship.


It is hard to build a strong friendship between two people, who are way more special to you, but once it would be done, you three would become the best trio, EVER!


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