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Be Confident In Your Shape, People Will Say What They Wanted To.

Date: 2020-12-01 15:38:03

By Manveen

how to be confident in own body
Source: Unsplash/@avasol

Often people will tell you to love yourself and they only do that with good reason. Once you come to terms with yourself, you reflect the same as well. If you are not okay with yourself and how you feel about your body, not only will it be palpable in your demeanor but in every activity of your daily life. From giving a presentation in a class to walking to the pantry in office, low self-confidence screams for itself. You have to learn to be comfortable with your own self.

Here is how you can be confident in your own shape regardless of what people say:

1. You U.G.L.Y. - U-Gotta-Love-Yourself!

It begins from day one till your last. Is it not strange that everybodykeeps on lecturing to love puppies or kittens, babies, and older citizens and even to show kindness towards random strangers but why would nobody tell you to love yourself? You live longer with yourself than you live with anybody else. Love yourself mate!

2. Think about yourself more.

Understand one thing; you can never pour from an empty cup. You can fill somebody's glass half if only yours is full. To make it full or even half, you have to begin somewhere someday and you have to start thinking about what you think about yourself and not others. Whatever you do, you do it for good reason and you have to trust your own instincts. If you cannot justify what you do then change that and do something else.

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3. Understand styling hacks.

People are not fat or skinny/ tall or short. People have different body types such as apple, and pear, etc. Figure out which one you are Google styling tips. Sometimes it is not you who is fat, but the wrong choice of clothing. The same goes for people with short height; it is the low waist making you look smaller not your actual length.

4. Talk more.

The more you express the chances of you are more for impressing. Talk to people with similar situations as yourself and who knows together you might find the cure for cancer or just make a really good friend?

5. Be more social.

Again, the more outgoing you become the less you will find people and social situations intimidating. The more you talk to strangers, clients, and new friends and all that, you will be less self-conscious. It is not your body shop but your introvert attitude making you anxious.

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6. Come to terms with your body.

An apple is an apple. Cilantro is cilantro, a human look like a human. These are all facts, they are true and why should you change them? You were supposed to be this way and there is nothing wrong. Depriving yourself of nourishments will be wrong, ignoring your body callings will be wrong.

7. If there is an issue, work on it!

The above point is for people who starve themselves to be skinny. See we will never support excessive dieting and stuff but obesity is not good either. PCOD and PCOS have also become very common among millennial girls. If you have a condition then it would not do to eat burger after burger in the name of body positivity. You have to figure out a way to correct your body situation.

8. Focus on your goodness than your flaws.

Above all, you are a person with some redeeming qualities. The more you focus on your good; your bad will automatically begin to diminish.


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