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Her In-Laws Asked Her Family For Dowry & What She Did Next Will Make Every Woman Proud & Brave

Date: 2018-09-11 17:21:57

By Mansha


In Indian culture, there are many problems like illiteracy, superstitions and one of them is dowry system. Even in the 21st century, we are witnessing this in the maximum cities. To be intact, dowry is a social norm where the groom's family asked for the things likes furniture, utensils, jewelry, expensive clothes, and the list goes on. During the time of ancients, a dowry was voluntary, bride's family used to do all this according to their wish and financial status but from last some decades, it has become a matter of pride and a pressure that bride's family faces. Due to which many cases are coming of domestic violence and even a suicide commits. Many people think that the pressure of dowry becomes zero once the daughter steps her foot in her husband's house but in many cases, the pressure begins rising because of the unlimited wants and desire, the groom and his family developed the habit of getting everything by blurting out once and boom they will be bombarded by the gifts.


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Babul pyare sajana sakhare
Suno meri maiyya
Bhoja nahin main kisi ki sar ka
Na majdhaar mein naiyya
Patwar banungi
Leharon se ladungi
Arrey mujhe kya bechega rupaiya
Ho.. arrey mujhe kya bechega rupaiya ho ho ho

Every father of a daughter does this to see her daughter happy after her marriage but he often forgets that unknowingly or indirectly he is developing a sense of greed in the minds of another family. Doing this on his own terms is happiness but when you do these things only to fulfill their demands then it is welcoming an evil into your house, that evil that will eat up your own house of happiness and peace.


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My heart was feeling this lady's storm, which she suffered in her courtship time with her in-laws. They met during their job, dated for three years and then decided to tie the knot. And when both the families met and decided on the particular date of marriage, steadily their demands were started coming out and the father of groom started making phone calls to the father of a daughter with new demand every day. Still, he decided to fulfill all of their demands only because his daughter was happy with him and till this position daughter had no idea that they are asking for numerous things till one day she heard her mother talking about borrowing money from relatives. She decided to ask about all of this crap from her fiancee and the only he said was "don't get in between all of this, let elder people handle". After that she realized he is not the same guy with whom she had fallen in love with and after almost 40 days, she decided to leave him.

Kal baba ki ungli ko thame chali thi
Kal baba ki laati bhi ban jaaungi
Amma tere gharonde ki chidiyan hoon main
Daana lekar hi wapas ghar aaungi
Jiski fitrat mein hain rat samaayi nahi
Jisko daulat se zyada main bhai nahi
Aise sajan ke mujhe zaroorat nahin
Na kehene ka sunlo muhurat yahin


We need these girls more in our society who knows how to stand for self-respect for their family and for them too. We don't need relationships where everything is on papers and money; we want relationships, which are based on love and respect. Ladies this is the time to say no who try to barter you, we are not commodities we are goddesses, which they all worship too. We can be as good as Saraswati maa and as angry as kali maa if it comes to our respect. Dowry cannot measure our happiness, that can't be the reason for our happily ever after, it all depends on what kind of understanding we have with our love. We want our partner to love us for whom we are, not for what we have for them in a barter system.

Dil se dil ke taar toh jude nahin
Do rasmon pe daulat ye kahe bahe
Hum do pyar ki khwahish mein rishte bune
Do rishton mein laalaj hum kahe sahe
Kya shaadi ke aage zindagi nahi
Jo shaadi hisabo ki keval hai wahi
Aise shaadi ki mujhko zaroorat nahin
Na kehene ka sunlo muharat yahin.


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