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Has the Internet brought us closer or has the internet created a distance?

Date: 2018-11-22 20:12:24

By Manveen

What was it?
Disinterest in the classroom?
A routine of procrastination?
Boring companion?
Something, no?


That you to choose to come here and read this instead of talking to the person next to you. When did you become more comfortable with cold hard technology?

For most people, their first date with screens began with Facebook and now they are in such a tight relationship with screens that one media or the other they just want to hang out around it and who can blame them?

It is not one person but everyone. Old, young, all alike.


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Maybe you know what your friend in a different time zone had for lunch but not sure if your roommate has eaten after dinner last night.

French playwright Antonin Artaud considered illusion and reality to be one and the same. He argued that a theatre audience should suspend their disbelief and consider the performance to be a reality. This acting as the foundation, virtual lifestyle began and has reached its present day scenario.

The Internet is not one person's inventions, numerous brains and hands were at play for decades with a common goal to build worldwide wireless communication. Before having been able to isolate ourselves in a crowd of people did feel the need to connect with a bigger spectrum and these brains were just serving the masses so to cut short the demand was there and technology blessed it got fulfilled too.


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So could it be that people felt isolated before loner was cool that they felt a need for more contact?

There has to be a reason no?

And given the fruits of the internet, nobody is shunning it down either. Criticizing, yes but not leaving it.


The Internet is our own creation so perhaps before the Internet, we were merely trying to makedo with what we had and now that we have better resources at our disposal we choose to create another lifestyle, another subculture of distance with closure.

We as humans cannot stop our interdependence but can give it alterations. We lived in a group and the group got bigger and eventually separated. Divided into countries and kingdoms. We sailed to each other, fought wars to make contact and got weary of it all. To hanker a new change, we created Internet to contact once again giving into our instinct of communication and are at a stage questioning its vitality.

So maybe we are looking for something else now.



There can never be a head or tail to this topic but facts cannot be denied either, it is a product of our own desire and we have it and we will not cease to use it. But we always have a choice of usage to an extent.

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