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Thank You My Jenaani Guy Friend For Not Letting Us Feel The Need To Have A Girl Jenaani

Date: 2018-08-22 13:03:29

By Mansha

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In every group, there is one guy who acts a typical aunty and a typical an entertainment for the whole group. He just can't control himself from commenting and always ended up screwing himself. Thus, we named him a JENAANI.

His actions are simply funny and sometimes annoying too. Times when you can't control yourself from saying a Jenaani to him:

He loves gossiping:

He doesn't mind in whose company he is, he is happy till he gets some topic to gossip about. Either it can be his mom or your mom. He can gossip anytime and about anything without thinking of what other people may be thinking. Sometimes, you too get good entertainment by listening all about things, which are happening in other's lives.


He is best at exaggerating:

He gets to know one thing and he will tell you about the same but with extra masala to it and with dramatic expressions too, which gives you the best reason to laugh and also, in addition, you get to know all about the shit drama that is going around you.


Professional in making comments about dressing sense:

He is a pro when it comes to commenting about people's dressing sense. He knows best about the colors matching system and also when someone is wearing clothes with cutting from here and there, he is best at criticizing them. And himself, he is like Ranveer Singh who can wear anything and doesn't care if it is suiting him or not.


Best at poking his nose in people's lives:

He enjoys himself a lot when it comes to eavesdropping on everything around him and giving his views and comments on the same. Normal people say "SANU KII", but he loves to know about everything that is going around in lives around him. Sometimes, it gets annoyed also when he asked multiple non-sense questions and giving the worst comments ever on them, because of which people tend to try to hide things from him, as he is a total BBC. A private news channel of his own.


Best at criticizing:

He is best at pointing at mistakes at someone else's work but it does that same work by himself then he is proud of himself. In short, he can never be satisfied and he has major trust issues regarding work.



He has done a Ph.D. in talking total rubbish and adding extra masala to his own achievements. When he is at best of his moods, he can speak rubbish and nonsense, which is a total entertainment for the whole group. Things like my daddy is thinking of buying a jet plane but in reality, we all know, right this very moment, his alcohol is speaking, next morning he will be like "paise Nahi hai yarr".


The best cheerleader for the whole group:

Call him with your problems and you will end up laughing on the phone and forgetting about all the problems that you had ten minutes back. He knows well how to cheer your mood with all the funny and dramatic news, which he has about the world.


You can never found him free and bored:

With all his work aside, he can never be bored in life because he spent hours and hours on social media just to see what's new is happening in the world and which news is for him. He is just too busy in his life.


He is too softhearted:

Apart from his funny and entertaining lifestyle, he is too soft from the inside. He can be easily hurt by minor-minor things and takes a hell of the time to act normal again. He is our "JENAANI".



He knows how to love himself and all the "ME" time. He can be as happy with himself as he is with us, without any cries and complaints.


He is the favorite person in the whole group, he spreads joy and laughter. Sometimes, it can get annoys when he goes overboard with all the gossiping and criticizing but you can't deny the fact that if you are this update in your life then it is always because of him, who keeps you updated about all your college or schoolmates or about the world. So, thank you my JENAANI for always entertaining us and not giving us a moment to miss our girly sessions.

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