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I Have More Guy Friends Than Girl Friends In My Gang But That Does Not Make Me A Bad Girl In Indian Society.

Date: 2019-06-07 13:40:03

By Manveen

Most friendships begin in either schools or with the neighbors and their children and till an early age nobody bats an eye whether you have one guy friend or five, we all play together, we ring a roses, pocket full of posies and we all fall down together as well but before the puberty hits or in some cases when it hits our friends are divided. The boys who lived around your block, the one you grew up playing cricket within the fields are suddenly a "no-go" area. The boys in your school whom you have been sharing Tiffin with since grade 3 can longer be your seat partner without your class teacher objectifying.


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Everything that was normal once upon a time suddenly is not normal and you are expected to act like an adult whilst everybody around you chides you like a child. But if being friends with boys was an issue then why did people come up with the whole idea of coeducation? If this was against your norms, then each and every school should have been a separate one, one for boys and one for girls. Full Amitabh Bachchan from Mohabbatein Gurukul level of discipline, but irony on him too. He spent preaching a one-dimensional discipline and in the end, his own daughter could not live with it, guess what she went to an only for girls' school too but fell in love with a boy. Which was expected out of her at one point anyway, you know once she would have come off age, Amitabh Bachchan himself would have wanted to marry her off, but since she did it when she was in school and her school had no boys, it was beyond Bachhan's comprehension. So if she would have fallen in love with a guy from her school, would he be okay then?


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But wait, there were no boys in her school so would he be okay if she would have fallen in love with a girl? Girls were okay, he was okay girls calling her and talking to her and her going out with them on picnics and stuff, so was a boy issue?


Imagine, if Aishwarya Rai had not met Shahrukh in Mohabbatein then she would have lived because then there would be no boy drama, but that would also mean that she would only have female friends which makes the chances of her being a lesbian much higher. She did not know her mother, was mushy AF, studied with the girls and played with the girls and knew no other guy except for her dad and a servant.

Is it okay if she would have ended up being gay?



To society also, we want to ask you, you will be fine with us being lesbians then, right? (At the end of the day, we know you are going to have a problem with that too. Btw, it's everyone's right to choose what they wanted to be.)

See if we cannot be friends with guys then that leaves us with girls only because due to your own pressure most people who are bi-sexual, gay or lesbian live in fear and hide, so they never would have been able to come out and suffered silently letting everybody think that there are only girls and guys and old people, who are boring to talk to and if the girls cannot hang out with boys then that simply means the girls should hang out with girls and what if they genuinely conclude that they like girls better?


You keep your boys we don't need them, then what? India's man to woman ratio as it is is messed up and if girls are bound just with girls, they will never be able to tolerate the men around because of a world full of girls sounds very safe and comfortable to them, then what?

Society, hope you have a solution for that scenario then!


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