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8 Reasons Why Gujarati Weddings Are Better Than Punjabi Weddings

Date: 2019-04-05 13:12:10

By Priyanshi

All that hype about a Punjabi wedding is fine, but have you ever experienced a Gujju Aka Gujarati wedding in all its grandeur? Though Punjabi weddings are also lit but "Gujarati weddings ki baat alag hai", we have something that Punjabis don't. It's the best entertainment and fun event, especially if you're not managing anything :-P. There are certain things that happen at Gujju weddings ONLY and they are:

1. Garba night over cocktail night.

Garba is a must in a Gujarati wedding. It's fun seeing all the aunties finding a place in the circle and participating in the so-called ritual. Dancing over drinking, anytime!


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2. Chaach over Alcohol.

The dry state makes it obvious, but the non-alcoholic party is like none other. Alcohol is fun, but chaach is life and every gujju will agree to this. You will find this as a refreshment in all of their weddings.

3. Mouthwatering platter of desserts that you can only find in a Gujarati wedding.

Yummy food like dhokla, faafda and all the Gujarati delicacies specially made for the guests, it's like Gujaratis welcome their guests with amazing food they won't forget in a lifetime.

Yes Punjabiyon, yes!


4. G-U-J-J-U Sangeet over anything else.

Gujaratis love to dance. They have a grand Sangeet celebration where all the family members express their love for the groom and the bride by a dance ceremony. Beautiful, no? If you saw Ambani's wedding, you'll know.


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5. Gossip everywhere!

You'll hear aunties trying to match young girls and boys and keep a record of who is in the line. If you like gossip, you'll find like-minded people there. It's always fun to be a part of the gossips though.


6. It's a day time wedding and trust me, it's amazing.

While Punjabi weddings start at 11 p.m by the time Gujarati weddings are over, attending it in daytime won't be a surprise for you. Don't get shocked because the functions do not happen at midnight, but mind-noon.


7. The honeymoon list has more about the USA than the Canada.

Gujaratis are everywhere and most of them are in the U.S so it won't come off as a surprise when they are flying over to the USA than Canada for their holidays.



8. The rituals are fun-loving.

From the special swagat of the groom by the bride's family to all the rituals that happen are really fun to watch and you'll just go 'awww' during most of them.


Gujarati wedding is something you should experience from an unapologetically enthu crowd to different food and flavours, I ensure you'll have an experience of a lifetime. Punjabi weddings theek hai, kabhi aao Gujju wedding mein!


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