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Demonetization Was Quick, Why Not Strict Punishment For Rapist Should Also Be Quick?

Date: 2019-12-05 13:26:10

By Manveen

We fail to understand what exactly is it that the rule makers are waiting for?

Was Nirbhaya not enough for you to leave the comfort of your bed, protection of your bodyguards, to come out and sympathize with the ones who do not have enough resources to take such measures for their safety?

punishment for rapist rape

You must have daughters and sisters, where are they? Somewhere safe, right? Well, here's a fact. No woman in India is safe. You can keep them caged with bodyguards, but how can you trust those bodyguards? What if one of them is pissed at you and finds a way to get back to you? What if your daughter/ sister is in a public place and is prone to assault?

Clearly they dodge the probability of assault as compared to other women, but the sad and sick truth is, that the probability exists. From the richest to the poorest, strongest to the weakest, women in India are not safe. Only god knows how many more incidents will it take for you to come out and actually do something about it.

We want justice, we are waiting for the day when we will stop questioning ourselves "Am in safe in India?"

punishment for rapist rape

Sharing a sympathizing tweet is easy, but how about some actual measures that can create a real difference? You do realize that Nirbhaya's case was black & white, there were villains and there were victims. The victimized side did nothing and the villains deserved so much worse than death, all straight and clear. But why did it take so long for the court to give its verdict? Even fast track courts are slow in India, look at the irony of that!

punishment for rapist rape

Did those rapists give Hyderabad rapr victim, Priyanka Reddy a chance? Did they even think she was human enough? It is not like they just went out of their house and something happened out of the blue. Think about it, they had everything planned. Maybe they did not know it was going to be her, but they did plan on puncturing her vehicle, offering her help and assaulting her that way. They had a full-fledged plan to lure her out. Can you imagine that a group of four full-grown men sat down and were planning a crime so heinous? They did not know Priyanka, they had a plan that they wanted to execute. What for?


Even terrorists have their own reasonings, they have something they kill and die for. What about these sick filth? What did they achieve? What did she do to them? Why did they have to do this? They raped her, they gang-raped her and how many minutes do you think that would have lasted? This is what a person's life meant to them. Some minutes of their own sick-sadistic pleasure. They did not stop even there, they burned her alive. Why is this information not burning you? Why is your blood not boiling?

Some four men thought they can come together, do whatever they want and get away with it?

What baffles us is that they did not even think they will get caught for their actions? Do you see where we are going wrong? They were not scared of the consequences, maybe, behind their evil mind they must be thinking that they would atleast have a good 3 time meal in jail. Even our jail is a luxury for them.

punishment for rapist rape

We have done nothing to ensure such people are scared of their actions and the government.

It is our fault too, we are not doing enough. Whatever we have done till now is all a flop show because clearly it is not keeping either one of us safe. We need to create justice and justice fast. We need to ensure it scars every person who would even dare think about something like this. We need to propagate the justice to every deaf ear so that nobody would dare even say the word "rape" for a woman ever again.

Thanks & Regards,
Women in India


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