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Here Are Hilarious Good Dares Over Text Message For Your Friends.

Date: 2019-09-12 11:53:30

By Mansha

With friends, every day is a fun day, but some days are even more fun when it comes to giving dares or taking the case of each other because that's the fun of having a partner in crimes.

There is no spark in dares until and unless good dares over text message are lit as hell. Dares over text should be in a way which is not harmful to anyone but at least worth giving chills to a person and also to that person who will be the victim.

Today, we have come with few dare questions to text to your friends because every day should be full of laughter and entertainment.

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Text your crush about your feelings, it's a do or die. Maybe he/she may say yes.

Bark like a dog while talking to your girlfriend/boyfriend for 5 minutes without letting them know about the dare.


Walk in your boxers in your colony or apartment compound.

Talk in a drunken tone with your parents.


Do a towel dance and send it to your other group members.

If a guy, dress like a lady with makeup on and for a girl, go for shopping in your night suit.

Ask your neighbor for handcuffs with a naughty wink.

Do a Naagin dance in public and share it on your social media platforms.


Crack an egg on your head.

Kiss someone of the same gender.

Screenshot your Internet history and send it to your group.


Eat one full spoon of wasabi and sent that video to your family doctor saying, "I might need you soon".

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Call your girlfriend's brother and tell him, "You want to marry his sister".


Have an embarrassing temporary tattoo and send it to your parents saying, "It's permanent".

Wear your underwear on your head; make a video of it while dancing on an item number for five minutes.


Text your boss "I quit, find someone else or increase my salary." And if you don't have your boss, text your girlfriend/boyfriend "I don't like you, lets finish it today."


Have a new hairstyle of your friend's choice without saying a single word.


Talk to some random boy or girl at a party or club and get his or her number.

This would be fun, people. We dare you to give these dares to your friends over text and let's see who can complete them without getting failed.

Keep laughing and living and don't forget, Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai!!


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