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Only For You Girls!! A Guide On How To Attract A Man In Your Life

Date: 2018-08-24 16:31:01

By Antriksha

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The century-old myth suggests that Eve was extracted from Adam and was made for him but in reality it is tough for girls to attract men that they are genuinely interested in. It's not a daily occurrence that every guy you get a crush on will reciprocate the same feelings as well. It takes a certain amount of wooing and charming for them to take notice.



They might say that looks matter, clothes matter or the spick and span make up is the key to attract a guy in your life but that is not the case. If I have to suggest one thing that nobody has, it is your unwavering and unique personality. That is how you will attract a guy by making your personality not that off airheads but the one with your own unique mark.

Now, you are as pretty as anyone else all you require is the extra dash of confidence that will steal any guy's heart. Remember, men more than anything like strong, confident and brave women who know how to grab life and it's unspoken opportunities by the horns.



Every guy has a taste when it comes to women. They might like one or another kind of women. It's quite tough for you to figure out what they want in first glance and suggesting you to look like the usual kind of girls they like is also very stupid. You need to do nothing but just correct your appearance a little, add spine and power to everything you do and make those eye contacts a little longer than what is socially acceptable.

You have no idea how powerful a look which is second too long can be while attracting a guy of your dreams. It shows that you are interested and helps him to take notice. If you don't give such subtle signals, he also would not be able to understand what you really want from him.



It's a complete turn off to be around someone who is depressing and will spout really stressed and pessimistic views of life. Men are not attracted to that, they usually will not tolerate if you go on "you and your exclusive problems" rant. Whereas, if you are being you and having fun with your whole heart it will be more eye catching and your positive aura will surely attract the guy of your dreams.

Also, avoid the usual tug of war with the guy, you need not confuse him with mixed signals if you are genuinely interested in him. It usually happens that mixed signals would more often turn the guy into a frustrated mess. You will have problems more often and this will put a dampener on your effort.



I will suggest that rather than going on a merry chase with a guy you like, it's better to just go to him and talk to him. It's more advisable to approach him and get talking to him. This will solve lot of issues like you both will get an idea about each other and you instead of crushing from afar will able to get an idea about what kind of guy he is. More than often, the guy you are attracted to from afar usually is a jerk when you really get to know him. This will save lot of time and energy.


Hence, the key to attract a guy of your dreams is just to be you because that will prevent misery when you both actually get to know the real side of each other.

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