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'I Don't Want To Change My Surname After Marriage'. It Should Be Every Girl's Personal Choice.

Date: 2019-06-27 20:05:13

By Mansha

"Shaadi ke bad pati ka ghar hi apna ghar hota hai". Indeed, it's true and we are delighted about the fact that we don't have one house and a beautiful family, we are blessed with two and we do everything to make our other home a house full of laughter, smiles, rainbows and glitters but along with this, a tradition comes, "changing of a surname". Surnames are what we have been known from in the society, it has given us our "right pehchaan" and all our lives we do everything to make that surname proud, but then we are asked to change it to our in-law's surname after marriage.

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It's totally fine if a girl wants to do it, but if she doesn't, then why society and her own family pressurize her to take a surname of her spouse?

Dear parents,

You have given birth to your daughter held her for the very first time in your arms and held her little finger-like a flower along with many dreams in your eyes that one day our daughter would make us proud, she will walk side by side by her brother (because now we are living in modern times, at least I think so), the day she was born, you promised to her and yourself that you will fulfill all her dreams, give her the best education and never hold back her wings, you always wished your daughter to be full of confidence and capability of earning for herself because you don't want to see her helpless in her future.

Am I not right, parents?

All her life she had done everything to make your names famous, to try to make that surname a historical surname and she has taken the oath to do that till the last day of her life but then, in between you want her to change her identity, an identity that she wanted to be famous for and wanted to make you proud.

Is it fair?

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No, it is not. Why such a big decision of life should be taken by both her families? She decided to change her house, moved out of her childhood memories, she got ready to leave her siblings and parents behind and she decided to leave a part of her heart in that house.

Wasn't she a good daughter since childhood?

Why to snatch her identity from her, what benefits can it have except they won't have to stand on separately in the airport immigration line? Can't her husband do this much for saving her identity, which she sees in her parent's surname? Now you all will say, her mother did the same, yes, she did and that was her choice, I told you in the starting, it is everybody's personal choice.


Time has changed and a definition of "marriage" has evolved over time and now we should give our daughters the liberty to decide if they want to keep their surnames or not because it is not only about the surname, it has hidden sentiments, remembrance and memories. Don't kill her loving memory of being close to her parents, if she wants to keep it then show her your support and if she doesn't want to then it is completely her choice and we respect that too.


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