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Annoying Dialogues Girls Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing.

Date: 2021-02-23 10:20:48

By TabloidXO

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"Do not sit like that."
"Wear a skirt below your knee-length."
"Come back before it is dark."
"Do not be friends with boys."

And other such dialogues, chances are if you have grown up in India you are very familiar with the aforementioned dialogues and other dialogues with the same notion and would have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about why are all the lectures and heavy words reserved for you?

annoying things girls hear

Why is it not "Do not gawk at girls" to boys?
Why don't they tell boys to think beyond a girl's skirt length?
Why don't they teach boys to behave properly and make nighttime a decent time for girls as well?
Why do they do not tell boys to set up better examples?

It is not like girls are superhumans who have to do everything just by themselves, first, they should conduct themselves with dignity, and if a boy cannot do that for himself then they should take charge and make sure they prevent the boy from doing any such thing?


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You do realize this is just mothering and spoon-feeding, right?

The only woman in charge of ensuring that a boy is conducting himself with decency around women is not judgemental and considers them as their equals are his mother. If the mother, along with the father can raise a son like that then nobody else needs to fill in the gaps for the boy. It just comes down to parenting, pretty much everything.


If you have been raised right, you reflect it. If you were raised in a house where women are treated as equals, you cannot find yourself treating any other woman with indifference. If you have seen your mother acknowledging herself as a separate individual with needs and wants apart from acting as a godly mother, just the same as your father then you do not find it uncomfortable when any other woman demands her rights. It makes sense to you but if you have grown up with your mother dissing your sister, judging other girls, and putting your father above everything else, you expect every other woman out there to do the same for you but all every other woman will have for you is a "fuck you" in the face.


Your mother did that for you because she gave birth to you and nursed to you and to quote Jenifer Lopez "I ain't your mumma" if you a full-grown man thinks somebody else should be held accountable for your behavior then you definitely need a mother around, go home.


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