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Dear Society, Yes My Brother Cooks? Where It Is Said That ONLY Girl Cooking Is A Thing, & Not Man Cooking?

Date: 2019-09-09 18:05:54

By Manveen

How do you girls feel when somebody comes and tells you that girls only belong to the kitchens? That your world should be confined within the walls of your household and no matter what you accomplish, your biggest achievement in life will be summed up by how round your chapattis are?

Pretty sexist, right? Then why should you be of the opinion that men are only to working outside the house and not help around inside with the domestic chores or man can't do cooking?


If you think men don't belong in the kitchen then you are indirectly saying that women do and would you as a woman want to just slave all day in the kitchen? Even when cooking is not your passion!

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Have you observed the increase in the number of Hotel Management colleges and inside the colleges the ration of boys is more than girls and yes those boys do want to become chefs? Some of the world's most famous Michelin star chefs are men. Buddy, cooking is an art and a profession both. From your local caterer to a gourmet chef, it is both a career choice and this career choice has to begin somewhere. Something has to inspire somebody and they need to experiment with it to know if this is truly what they want.


Where do you think they can begin? Well, we will give you a hint. IN THEIR OWN KITCHEN!

The kitchen in their house where you very clearly have no business to interfere so we want to ask you why are you being so nosy in somebody else's kitchen?

This other one smells nice, right? Because somebody is here cooking, which is doing something they like unlike you who cannot do the same.

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Even if you leave the whole chef scenario, imagine if a couple decides to live together and both of them are working and they are not on a budget to afford a maid or a servant, then who is supposed to cook? Only the women? Okay, not just cooking, what about other domestic chores? If a guy can or if he wants to then what is your issue?


Are you saying that when a man and a woman, both are working hard, tirelessly to earn their bread and butter from 9AM-5PM and come back home tired, the men should go and rest but the woman should cook for both of them?

Why? Is she a superhuman? Is she also not tired? She should get to rest too.


You know when they say that men hinder women's growth they forget to add women who also hinder other women's growth because of man who likes to cook and help around the house is a far better human and a concerned man than any girl who thinks cooking is just a girly thing and men should not do it. If he is cooking now he is helping his mother, he will help his sister as well as his wife and this is the league of men that are capable of bringing the change we all want to witness.


You go, boy, at least you are making the change. You mom and sister are already happy, your wife will soon be too.


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