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Bollywood Supports Black Lives Matter But Wait, Why They Promote Fairness Creams Then?

Date: 2020-06-02 14:21:23

By Manveen

Lately, many people from different ethnicities across the US protested to condemn the death of George Floyd, who was a victim of racial abuse by a US police officer.

Thousands from India have extended their sympathy and anger towards the murder of George Floyd. Bollywood celebrities also took to social media to do the same. Some of them even posted stories that spoke against racism. However, what has to be noted is that some of these celebrities also endorse fairness creams.

george floyd case bollywood
george floyd case bollywood

Oh lord, the irony!

Yes, there are celebrities who have championed notions of equality and all colours are beautiful on social media, but blatantly endorse fairness creams on the television and posters. Kangana Ranaut has been a controversial star yet she refused to endorse a fairness cream because it was against her beliefs. Fairness creams are not a mere product of vanity that can be excused. It holds more power than that. The commercials might have changed now, but it often portrays a woman who is dark-skinned and unhappy in life. The reason behind her sorrow is her skin complexion. In some cases, women are not able to get married because of the colour of their skin or do not receive enough attention or cannot do well at work because dark skin does not add up to their beauty. What truly is saddening is the fact that all these aforementioned things are social evils yet brands showed it plainly and questioned one's complexion. It makes the colour like an issue that needs to be changed instead of it just being a colour that needs to be accepted.

People follow Bollywood celebrities because they think they will make them learn good things in life (apart from entertainment). And when they do act like promoting fairness creams they are not just promoting the brand, they are drilling the minds of others to consider black skin as weak and slowly people become racist.

George Floyd was attacked because of his colour. How many times have we not observed people being bullied because of their colour? Colour needs to be accepted not changed. It is your mind that need change. It is this sick mentality that demands change. A man lost his life because of his skin. Millions before him have been subjected to similar fates yet brands have the Gaul to champion fairness.

If you are not questioning them, are you really any different?

During this time, even people call out Bollywood celebrities for their pick and choose selective opinions, as they bravely voiced their opinion on what is happening in the USA, but people wonder, why they didn't raise their opinion when Delhi was suffering (Delhi 2020 riots) or about CAA/NRC. People love to listen to their voice and opinions on matters which are related india aswell. Bollywood, we are waiting for the next time.

America has better living standards there. Education is common to all. It is the most powerful country in the world. A country most dream to migrate to for a better lifestyle. A life as cool as F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes, a society as liberal as they show it in Gossip Girl & Sex and the city. But ask yourself is it really all that? How better are they than us?

It is important to make enough noise about the socio-political issues. It is this noise that encourages people to be more aware of their surroundings now. This awareness is the first step in bringing any change. It is novel to see people all across the globe to protest along with the folks of America. It gives them more courage and perhaps puts more pressure on their authorities to implement better protection laws for their other ethnic races. White supremacy is vain.



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